Good Morning

I found this to be a fairly decent morning sky: nothing extreme and perhaps the clouds will lift eventually. It has a few drops of rain in the air, but why complain. At least we will not be having a summer drought this year. Everything is growing and flowering in the garden. The silly thing is that I am still spraying my honesty plants in the morning to keep the aphids away. There are no longer so many due to the rain showers, but still manage to find somewhere to hang on. I just like to keep an eye on them that they do not take over. Also I have a watchful eye on slug production, but have only seen one or two up to now. I just have a continuous slug pellet spread.

My basil production is thriving and the seedlings are no longer seedlings but growing plants with nice leaves for a caprese salad. Of course they would be ideal for a spaghetti al pesto and I am thinking about it. I am just a little too lazy to crush the leaves for the sauce, but those leaves really look good and full of flavour.

I just love my herb bed, which is really developing well. On the right at the back I have chives and next to it sage. Further left there is savoury which I mainly use for cooking beans, which is a bit of a Swiss thing. We call it “bean herb” for obvious reasons. Next to that towards the front is origano for the spaghetti sauce and the extreme left has some rosemary. It is just a few steps from the kitchen window door which makes it easy for cooking. Today is a spaghetti day so I will attacking the origano.

My stray wild garlic allium plant is now doing its own thing and after the flower buds the seed pods have devleped. I will leave it until it no longer exists. Whether it will again appear next year is not so certain. The last time I saw it was two years ago. Anyhow it looks quite exotic – perhaps baby triffids, who knows.

Looks like a dull day today, the sun has not yet arrived and it is a bit grey now outside. I was not really planning to go anywhere today. There used to be so much going on in town, but since the Covid visit, things are a lot quieter. Only this morning I was remembering our cheese days when one of the squares would be full of cows for voting of the best milk producer and farmers visiting from the county. And then I read five minutes later in the daily news that it is planned to have these days again next year in May with all the trimmings, that would be great. Mr. Swiss also tells me that our Autumn Fair “HESO” will also take place this Autumn, so it looks like things are slowly getting back to normal. I must say reflecting on it all Covid certainly changed my life style: regular deliveries of groceries and less shopping trips. Baking my own bread is now quite a regular thing and a sideline is that I have at last managed to grow my hair to the same length and no longer have my very short back and sides. I decided no-one really looks at a golden oldie and I was going nowhere, so it was worth the risk. Now I have almost done it. There is a silly piece on the right that is still not long enough to hide behind the ear, but it is growing. It will not be long and I have achieved what I have wanted for at least five years. All this thanks to a stilly stupid virus which no-one really wanted. I just decided to see if there could be an advantage somewhere.

Mr. Swiss just announced that the telvision men will be arriving in 15 minutes to organising his DVD problems. I do not care. I rarely bother with DVD, have no time. I do not even watch so much TV lately, just a couple of programmes that interest me and I do not even follow my one-time favourite soap *Eastenders”.

I had one of my usual little visitors this morning hoping for a few treats, which he got of course. I have at least made someone happy for the day.

I am now off, the TV man has just arrived to do his tricks and I have an apartment tour to make. Have a good one, hopefully no stress or problems, otherwise it can only get better eventually.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … so many great photos this morning … all the herbs look … fantastic … good luck with that DVD thing … I feel for your husband …. take care and have a great day .. .SLP …

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  2. Good luck with growing out your hair Pat. Lockdown has had its uses.
    I used the last year and not going anywhere as an opportunity to grow out my hair colour and let my natural greys come through. I’ve still got some blonde on the ends at the front since having it cut, but I love my natural colour now.

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    • It worked well for me. I had to cut it a little to keep it in trim, with a little help from my Mr. Swiss, but I am now happy. I give it a month or two and then a visit to my hairdresser to give it a good straight cut at the ends.


  3. Your herb garden looks wonderful. The chives have completely overrun my little herb garden. Once I beat them back they will be relegated to a container. My basil is just coming into its own. I showed them your picture and told them that is what they need to look like when they grow up. 😄 Have a great day, my friend.

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