RDP Wednesday: Erogenous

Erogenous, oh, yes well there are many interpretations according to your state of mind I suppose. Me being a golden oldie with nothing better to do than household work and now and again taking a photo or writing a blog. So here we are, an erogenous photo of a bread dough before I put it in the oven.

However, when it is baked (10 minutes ago) it looks quite different. No more erogenous forms, just a baked loaf of bread, and nothing left to the imagination.

RDP Wednesday: Erogenous

16 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Erogenous

  1. Wonderfully done bread, and I like your photo too! You made me hungry now 🙂 But I’ve never see this practice of cutting the middle of the dough… fantastic idea to let it back inside too. Many breads are backed outside but not enough outside. Maybe I’ll try this some day…

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