Good Morning

Yesterday was another rainy stormy day and the night as well, but the weather gods had pity on me and for the time when I had to go to town for a doctor visit at my new surgery, it stopped raining, and even the sun appeared now and again. At least I kept dry on my scooter. This time I was prepared for my journey. I knew where I was going.

I even managed to avoid this part of the journey. They seem to be renovating everything in this part of town with containers full of building scrap. I even found the hidden entrance in a covered walkway to the store and stopped off on my way home for a couple of supplies. It was the cigarette store for Mr. Swiss rations and I also had to get a bottle of wine (for cooking). It was ideal as now I have no more shopping expeditions for this week, unless of course I want to go somewhere.

As I arrived near the doctor’s surgery I was greeted by one of our old Swiss heroes from a battle in 1499 where it seems the Swiss had a disagreement in the small village of Dornach with the soldiers of Emperor Maximillian. It seems the Swiss made a group effort and even won. I am not an expert on Swiss battle history, but it must have been something important otherwise we would not have this statue in one of the main places in our local town of Solothurn, Anyhow it made a good photo shot. Just to add, the Swiss won the battle. You can always depend of the Swiss. We even managed to win the football fight against France for the European cup. It seems that England also won their match. Who knows, perhaps they might even meet in the final, although I think the chances are more on the english side as the Swiss side.

Views of this part of town are not so interesting. It is a more modern extension of the town, although modern being more in the 1930’s towards the 1950’s, with a few offices, restaurants and grocery stores. We also lived in this part of town for almost 20 years. They always seem to be building and renovating parts of it.

It is not far from the older part of town and I had to cross this street and over the bridge in the distance to get there. Anyhow it was a meeting with my new doctor yesterday. She already had most of my medical details and it was just a bit of getting to know you, although I had to deposit a tube of my precious blood there for further examination. I should have it examined at least once or twice a year due to my diabetes and the injections I have for my MS. We discovered it was almost two years, so I have a further appointment for the result in two weeks. It is no problem, I discovered that it is quite easy to visit her and plenty of places where I can park my scooter. I even have a sheltered row of arches if it would rain.

The clouds were still hanging as I crossed the river but no rain.

I eventually made my way home and found it was quite a good excursion. It made a change to explore other parts of the town. I was at home for an hour and the heavens opened again and stayed open until this morning early, so I was lucky with my excursion and did not get wet. Excursions are now finished for this week and will live the life of a lady having my shopping delivered for the week-end.

Of course I had my usual morning visitor. This time he was early and ready for food. The window was still closed, so before I even made my breakfast I fed him with the usual morning treats. As you can see there are a few leaves ouside blown down by the strong winds yesterday.

The paths on my way home were also strewn with branches blown down from the trees in the stormy weather.

Have a good day everyone, take it easy and may the rains and storms stay away in your part of the country.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning .. .great photos … a tour of a not so often viewed part of your town. We enjoy the pictures and the commentary. The statue of the Swiss soldier … it looks like they already had helmets back in the 1400’s .. interesting … have a great day .. SLP ….

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    • Most of our soldiers were mercenaries , but some fought for their own country. I will probably be going a little more to that Part of town now that my doctor is there.


  2. my garden looks like precious laces but have no longer any similarity with what I had planted…. Also I found some dry and brown leaves in my living room – how come!? And I really wanted to straighten out that lovely pic of the boat on the Aare (high waters indeed) as I felt like leaning over to avoid falling from the boat…. 🙂

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    • Our dry brown leaves are those that blow in through the window when we have a storm,and we have had plenty at the moment: strong winds and plenty of rain. At least the aphids have now disappeared from the garden from the showers they are getting from the rain, but the snails are slowly moving in, although I have prepared with Schneckenkorn everywhere. I found some suspicious holes in my sage leaves and they are in a raised bed. The slugs are learning to climb it seems.

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