Good Morning

I did not really intend to write anything this morning, but decided to relax with my computer whilst the cleaning lady is looking after my apartment. We had a very rough night and was a pleasant surprise to see that the weather is now behaving.

I saw the storm clouds gathering already in the late afternoon. We already had a storm warning for our village and it was getting darker and darker, so much so that I had to switch on the light. There was an ear splitting crack of thunder and then it began to rain in torrents. We were safe and cosy at home, but my No. 1 son was in town. However, he was sitting in a reastaurant with some colleagues waiting for it to blow over. Blowing over was a good word, the winds were very high. My cleaning lady told me she was on her way home yesterday in the car when it began and was glad to arrive in one piece. The roads resembled streams and her car was shaking from side to side. It even blew down one of the large scaffoldings in our town. Luckily no-one was harmed. I could hear the fire engines and they were busy pumping out cellars.

It continued throughout the night. There was no more thunder, but the fall of rain. Sometime around midnight it was joined by the car horns. I suspected it must be a successful sporting event as many cars were involved. I had a quick look on my iPad and saw that a miracle had happened and the Swiss football team had knocked France out of the European cup and are now in the quarter finals. Miracles happen and so it seemed that most of the Swiss population were celebrating by sounding their car horns and driving around. This coupled with a storm it was quite a noisy event

I will now leave you as my supermarket delivery will soon arrive and I have some cooking to do. I am not sure how the afternoon will develop as I will be on my way into town to my doctor, having to overcome a building site on the way.

Have a good day everyone.

This bee seemed to be overcoming his own building site on a flower.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It was calm this morning, but at lunch time the storm returned. Now everything back to normal and I managed to get into town this afternoon with no problem.


  1. Good Day!
    As rough as last night sounds, it also sounds exciting.
    Our wind storm last year was exciting only because it was so dangerous, with such big trees dropping limbs from so very high up. However, the wind, although very strong by our standards, was no worse that what is normal in most other climates. Torrential rain and thunder is very rare for us. There was a bit of lightning last year, which is what started the CZU Fire, but it was neither loud nor accompanied by rain.

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    • It returned again as we were eating lunch, almost as fast and furious as yesterday evening. The weather forecast said it will be over in two hours and it was. Now we have brilliant sunshine and the rain has gone, although it is quite wet everywhere. I was glad as I had a doctor’s appointment, but all went well with the weather. Driving a scooter i the rain is not un

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