RDP Monday: Nuance

I sort of collect orchids. I have discovered that in summer when they are outside they begin to develop and grow and even make flowers. However, this year was not such a promising year for good developments. I did notice that one of my orchids from last year had decided to do something different. Ir had developed some new leaves on the stem. Nothing really special until I noticed that there were also two new roots, and not weedy roots but nice firm roots.

I think it is now telling me to give it its own pot and earth. This has never happened before so I just might do it.

RDP Monday: Nuance

9 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Nuance

  1. I too like orchids but also have been striving for years to get one to bloom. After discovering they are NOT best when left alone, (as so many who have amazing orchid success), I began fertilizing and misting mine. Lo and behold, orchids are just like everything else! They stand taller and shine with a bit of TLC. Good luck with harvesting this little guy into his own pot!


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