Good Morning

This morning was such a wonderful sky display I did not know which photo to choose. It was sun, clouds and nature at its best.

Even a passing plane decided to add some decoration. So now I am wide awake and ready for the new week. Yesterday I am afraid I got a little lazy. I was really intending to go somewhere in the afternoon, but preferred to relax and hug the bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I just did not have the energy to go anywhere or do anything energetic. At some time in the afternoon I decided to do something constructive, so organised the computer outside in the wonderful weather on the porch.

I disovered this development on an older orchid I have. It seems that it has decided to produce a new plant. I noticed two new leaves some time ago and left it to its own thing. It has now produced two sturdy roots and more leaves, but still attached to the mother plant. At some time I think the idea would be to separate this new growth and plant it in its own pot. It is something new for me and I hope it will be a success. Any advice from experts would be very much appreciated.

I had one of my usual feline vists this morning waiting patiently for whatever I happen to have in the feline section of my kitchen cupboard. She did not leave disappointed and got her morning breakfast treat. Satisfied she left for further explorations in the neighbourhood, or perhaps some more treats from other cat people like myself.

We had a couple of hours of thunder and rain during the night which formed some background music to sleep. This morning everything was so fresh and clean. Monday is a day at home with a bread baking session. We have had more rain and storms predicted, but at the moment it looks very friendly outside. Some parts of Switzerland have had floods, but our part has had no problems up to now.

I will now move on with a few routine household chores and wish you all a good start to the week. I might not be around so much tomorrow as I have the cleaning lady and also a visit to the doc.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    That small orchid plant has potential to grow into a copy of the original; but if removed from the stem, it will want to stay in a humid situation while it disperses the first few roots. If separated and potted, a large jar placed over the plant within the pot might make it more comfortable. It would need to be kept out of direct sunlight while covered with a jar. As it grows too big for the jar, it likely no longer needs the jar. If possible, and if the stem is flexible enough, it would be better to bend the stem over to pot the new copy next to the original while still attached to the stem. It is not as easy as it sounds, since the two pots must remain together, even if moved. If the original is in a sufficiently large pot, and the stem is flexible enough, the copy could be potted right next to the original, within the same pot. The copy does not need much space, since it would be separated and potted separately later.

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    • Thank you so much for the expert advice. I will not be repotting it yet, but will wait a while. I have enough room to make a second pot with the bent stem. It sounds a little complicated. I avoid having my orchids in direct sunlight.

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      • If you wait long enough, the stem may turn brown and fall over. If that happens, there is no advantage to keeping it attached, or even covered, although you might want to cover it for a short while, until you notice it growing.


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