Good Morning

My first view of the day from a window. I always go to my spare room in the morning to see what is happening outside. This time not such a panorama but how the sun can blind me first thing in the morning through the window. I was a little later rising so the sun had also climbed a little further in the sky. My next chore was to bake up my Sunday bread which I buy half baked. One of my Sunday treats, nice and warm from the oven, with a background of music from my classical (or perhaps semi-classical) radio station. This morning they were playing the John Dunbar Theme from the film Dances with Wolves by John Barry, so I thought I would share it. What a wonderful way to start the day I found.

And now to a normal Sunday: nothing exciting and out of the ordinary, but I might even venture into the known unknown this afternoon with my wheelchair. There are certain journeys which are better made with a wheelchair than a scooter. I can take my time and have my Nikon camera with me for photos, although I also want to absorb the atmosphere and escape from the daily bore of home. Mr. Swiss prefers to have his nose stuck in a book and conversation is now almost down to a null. My only words of the day seem to be “dinner is ready”. Growing old is not fun.

The usual daily visitor arrived and this time was waiting patiently outside for my attention. I must say, cats can really be patient, especially when they want something, like a treat.

I had an interesting meeting with this bee outside, or was it two bees. I am really not sure what I captured on the lens of my camera. It looked a bit different to the normal bee, its wings were not so transparent, but as I only saw three pairs of legs, I suppose it was one of the giant wasps. He or she stayed long enough for a photo. Otherwise the bee population is a bit scared at the moment as most of the flowers are now slowly going to seed, but the next flower sorts are on their way.

My smoke tree has now gone to the fluffy stage although is still an attractive specimen.

It is now time for me to move on for some action with the hoover. Now and again I also kill a fly for some excitement. I also spray some plants in the garden to disperse the aphids which like to spend their mealtimes on the leaves and buds. Oh what an exciting day I have. Have a good Sunday everyone and enjoy. For a change I leave you with a photo from yesterday evening. Not a fantastic sundown, but the light is a little different in the evening.