RDP Saturday: Incomplete

Were they at last completeing the balance of the so-called “Wonky tower”? Of course not, this assymetrcal construction belongs to our town. It was completed in 1463 and has remained in its place since then. It never toppled or lost its balance. It never got the fame to compete with the leaning tower of Pisa. No, the wonky tower of Solothurn remained unnoticed by the world. It was just the inhabitants of the town that found it imperfect. However, it is still here and at last it was renovated. Was this an attempt to straighten the tower? Of course not. We are still waiting for recognition in the competition with Pisa. Our tower is not leaning, it is just a little off centre.

RDP Saturday: Incomplete

Good Morning

Nothing special this morning, but no rain during the night and now the sun has appeared, so what could be better. Another week-end arrives alhough I have made no plans to go anywhere and do anything. I am glad for a stressless peaceful week-end with nothing special happening. However 47 years ago it looked a little different. I was off to the local clinic and a day later I had a second son. Today he is celebrating his birthday. Time goes so fast and the years pass quickly. His first words and first steps are long gone, but he has made his way in the world and the next generation has already arrived in the shape of two grandchildren.

I spent my day yesterday with the usual routine. My ideas of meals is waning. It is only myself and No. 1 son that appreciate and enjoy food. Mr. Swiss is at the table, but no longer eats very much and really just nibbles.

And now to something completely different.

My usual visitor appeared yesterday afternoon. I gave him a few treats and he left. Half an hour later he returned for more and I told him quite clearly there is no more today. And so he sat there and stared at me, but I was immovable.

Eventually he decided to emphasise his wishes, but to no avail. I remained firm. He decided to take a walk in the apartment, and eventually returned to the kitchen staring at the cupboard which remained closed. Cats can be so obstinate.

And I will now depart for the usual routine. On Saturday morning there is never very much to say. The only excitement is that my online supermarket no longer has a pack containing four liters of milk (4×1) in the assortment, so I now have to order them as four single pieces. Not really a big problem, but these little things are part of my daily life it seems.

Have a good day everyone, any may the week-end be a good one.