Goood Morning

Looks a bit grey and dismal, but the blue skies will arrive eventually. We have had lots of storms this week, generally late afternoon and evening, but the weather prophets have now told us that the storms are finished for a while, so we are all hoping for some sun. I just hope it will not be as hot as the last time.

Of course, wet also has its disadvantages. I saw this slimy guy making its was across the window outside after the rain. I just hope that it was not a family excursion. I shall have to spread a few pellets in the garden again to keep them away. They cannot help being unattractive for us, but it is the damage they do. They can absorb plants with their hundreds of slug teeth in a short time. As I was taking the photo from inside, I got his crawling mechanism.

I also had another visitor, but he was only here for a few treats and left immediately afterwards when they were gone.

Otherwise I did break out yesterday to the local store. It is the same branch of the store I usually get my groceries, but just along the road. They sell everything but the meat is already packed. I only really had to get a few items. It takes me five minutes to get there by scooter, 5-10 minutes shopping and the return journey, so It was really a quick visit and I was home after half an hour. This time I made an exception and bought a box of ice cream lollies on a stick. I have avoided ice cream over the past few years, but decided to give it a try again. I also though Mr. Swiss would be happy with the addition to our diet plan. It was a special offer with 12 ice creams in a box, so when I got home I decided to try one and gave the good news to Mr. Swiss. His first problem was that they were vanilla and he said I should bring a variety of flavours in future (strawberry, coffee, caramel etc.). However he tried one and found it was too cold. Why is it that some golden oldies have to be so complicated? He put his ice cream in a small bowl and ate it after the evening meal as a cream. I told him the next time when he decides to make an excursion into town he can buy his own ice cream if hw ia not happy with my choice. No. 1 son was happy with my choice and there is no danger that it will not be eaten. Sometimes I do not know why I bother.

On the way to the store, which is just along the road, I took a few photos, although nothing spectacular. The sky was looking interesting showing signs that there would be rain later in the evening. I think we are now slowly approaching the lazy days of summer.

I spent the evening watching one of those fantasy films on TV. It was called Jumpers and it seems a few humans had the gift of being able to transfer themselves to anywhere they wanted to by a magical jump. One minute you were at home and the next on top of the Himalayas, or perhaps on a sunny beach in Italy. Of course there was a story attached to it all, with the bad guys killing all the jumpers they found, but it had a happy ending. At least I think it did, I missed the last five minutes as I had an appointment with a washing machine in the cellar.

Now I have to go nowhere. I have my provisions for the week-end and the next planned journey is on Tuesday afternoon with a visit to my new doctor.

Have a good week-end everyone, it starts already tomorrow. I hope the weather is with you all.

14 thoughts on “Goood Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos !!! I got a single serve ice cream maker for Father’s Day which was last Sunday .. .have been enjoying all natural ice cream all week .. just a few spoonfulls a day … cream, sugar and vanilla … I know it’s not that healthy with the sugar but there are no additives, and it tastes great … hope your weekend is great .. SLP …

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  2. Good Morning!
    Weather is ‘normal’ for here now, but have you heard of the impending heat wave for the Pacific Northwest? It begins today, and is supposed to be the worst in recorded history. The concern is that the region is not prepared for such weather. Some of their landscapes lack automated irrigation systems like those that are standard equipment here. Not many homes have air conditioning.

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    • No one really has air conditioning here. It is only in the stores and workplaces. We only have windows. We hear nothing about your weather situation in California, unless it is a catastrophe like fires. I hope it doesn’t get too bad for you

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      • The Pacific Northwest is Oregon and Washington, as well as British Columbia in Canada, all north of here. Such warm weather would not be a problem here, since we expect it. It is a major problem up north because it is so unusual, and they are not set up for it.

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  3. My husband is very grumpy these days, so I don’t know why I bother either. I think I’m doing him a favor and he gripes anyway. He even whines when he has to finally get out of bed — at like 1:30pm after having gone to bed more than 12 hours earlier. Yesterday, after cooking dinner, just because I was in the kitchen already I did all the dishes except the one from which Garry was still eating. When he came in when I was done with his plate and fork and knife and I said I’d done everything else, he could wash that last plate and he complained about THAT. And then he wants to know why I’m annoyed with him. Gee. I can’t imagine.

    Getting old has many sides.

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    • And I felt so alone with my problems. It seems to be a golden oldie problem. Grumpy is the right word. He sits in his chair with his nose in his Kindle all day and seems to have forgotten I am also there. Meal times are just me and son. He has lost his appetite and eats very little. Things change so much with age. I could go on and on,.


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