Good Morning

As I sit here in the kitchen with the window door open I can here the patter of the rain, but it is OK. I do not plan to go anywhere today. My main aim at the moment is to give the beds fresh sheets and the duvet. I have my own system and should be finished this morning. Not one of the best jobs, but it has to be done, but luckily it does not happen every day. The air has now cooled down, but it is more pleasant than the heat wave temperatures we were having.

We had a visitor this morning. It was the other neighbourhood cat. She does not bother with waiting for an invitation but strides into the apartment as if she owns it. She does not stay long, does a quick inspection and then waits patiently outside for a treat.

Otherwise I went to town yesterday to see what the supermarket had on offer. It is not such a large store as the one I would visit in the village when I had my car, but I no longer need to buy so much as I have most of it delivered. I was actually in town to get a refill of Mr. Swiss cigarettes, so I also drop in the store. The store is OK. They once refurbished it and it is no longer as good as it was. The food is on the ground floor which has absolutely no natural light, and the first floor is now a restaurant. I have never been to the restaurant, there are plenty of good street cafés in town and it has been closed for some time due to the pandemic. As you can see we are still wearing masks, but this is now the only place. Otherwise masks are no longer necessary and most of our pandemic laws have now been removed. Life seems to be getting back to normal. You can see the instructions for hand disinfection on the right at the entrance, although that was always voluntary.

On the way to the store everything seemed to be back to normal. There were a few groups of people, some bikes, and the flower beds are now ready. Will life really be the same again? I had not been in town for about two weeks and I enjoyed getting out in the fresh air. I did not really want to go, but once I have saddled my scooter and am on my way I am glad to be out again.

Even an ice cream cart with a new design was in the old town, and the restaurants are now all open inside and outside. You can now sit where you want to, no masks necessary, and no safe distancing. In Switzerland our Covid cases have really decreased with about 150 new cases daily. In a population of 8 million, that is not so bad. The statistics for vaccinations are very positive and the golden oldies have almost all been vaccinated. It is now down to the forty and fifty year olds and there the staitistics of vaccinated people are also rising. I still see groups of people waiting to be vaccinated as I walk past the place where it is done. It can only get better I hope.

I had done my shopping, had a short sightseeing tour of the town and made my way home. It was good to be out again. I never thought the day would come when I did not have to go shopping, but only if I wanted to. Modern life is so much different. Groceries are delivered and the stress of the week-end shopping is no longer, also due to the installation of a deep freezing chest (in my case). I have enough food for at least a month if necessary. Also now baking my own bread makes a difference. It is fresher and tastes as bread should. I always have fresh yeast in the fridge. I have more time to deal with these things since no longer having to go shopping. I have had to change my routine, but thanks to all the modern installations, naturally the computer online organisation as well, I can at last take it easy and enjoy daily life much better.

And now I should continue with bed making and general housework. There are still some things you have to do yourself. Have a good day everyone, make the most of it.