Good Morning

And the sun is rising again, finding a little patch of blue through the morning clouds. I think it will be a pleasant day. Perhaps a few rain showers but nothing dramatic. Yesterday evening we got a storm warning for our village, but it consisted of 2-4 thunder claps and a few dark clouds which soon dispersed. It was dry outside this morning.

I had a little bit of excitement yesterday evening as I was preparing for bed. I tripped and fell landing with a crash on the wooden floor and waking Mr. Swiss in the process with the noise. Luckily there was a duvet involved which did manage to soften the fall. My first thought, laying flat face downwards on the ground, was whether anything on my alabaster body had been damaged. My iPhone had slid away and was still in once piece, and my glasses also. A quick body check brought no suspicious broken bones. The next problem was getting to the upright again. I crawled to the bed side and managed to prop myself up and was at least in a sitting position. Mr. Swiss endeavoured to help, but 55 kilo has problems lifting 80 kilo. I then remembered a tip my therapist gave me in such a situation. I am really unable to stand on my own due to my MS problems, but she said to turn and hold onto the next object (the bed). I pulled myself onto the bed surface face downwards and was eventually laying on the bed. From her it was not great problem to turn and sit up. Mr. Swiss had brought me my walker to the bed and I managed to pull myself up into a standing position. I was quite proud of myself as I had never been able to do that before. Of course I was feeling quite shaken, but was glad to be alive and mobile. It was a special achievement as I can only use one leg to help, My left leg is quite useless in such a situation as I broke it once and there are a few steel parts in the bones. This time I did not have to organise the nice looking guys from the local hospital ambulance service to help me. I did it all by myself. I even managed to get down to the laundry room afterwards, empty the machine and hang the washing. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss realised he was a little superfluous and returned to bed. And now back to normality. This morning I feel OK. The only wound I have is my knee which is quite sore where I rubbed off some skin gripping he bed and pulling myself onto the mattress.

This morning I begun the day making a bread dough that I can bake it this morning as I would like to go into town this afternoon. It was then that I felt fur rubbing on my leg and saw that the neighbour’s cat, Roschti, had decided to entrer the apartment through the balcony door as he had already been staring at me outside for a treat. I really had no time for treats, but when I had completed the bread dough and put it to rise he was still there, so I rewarded his patience. He is really becoming one of our extended family.

I noticed that due to the heatwave we had the aphid population has awakened and having juicy treats on a few plants. They are particularly drawn to my tansy which could be considered as invasive, although I keep it under control. It seems it is quite beneficial to the earth and its little yellow button flowers are also attrractive. However, I give it a good shower during that day and the aphids are washed away. I also had a small infection on my buddleia, but also now have that under control.

My garden does not seem to be suffering too much. I just have to keep an eye on things.

I will now be hobbling around the home organising things from the week-end. Have a good week everyone, and be careful where you tread, especially if your are a gold oldie like me. Sometimes the gold tends to get rusty.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Hope you’re not too stiff and sore after your fall – but well done getting up again on your own, it’s a good trick to use furniture as support to help yourself ‘climb’ up off the floor 🙂

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