Good Morning

It looks better than it actually is. This was 8.00 a.m. this morning, but since I began writing this piece another couple of hours have passed. We now have sunny weather after some heavy showers of rain during the morning. It rained most of the night, but I am not complaining. Temperatures are now more normal and I can enjoy it much better. The heat wave was really not so good for me.

Yesterday the gardener came and went and left me with a wonderful tidy garden. The grass and weeds growing between the paving stones are gone.

When the gardeners were finished a small flock of birds came to examine the work. I thought they were sparrows, but after a closer look I decided they were something completely different. They have red tail feathers. Could it be a so-called black redstart which are also at home in Switzerland, although this one does not look very black on the wing feathers. If anyone recognises it let me know. I have never see them before in my garden. There was a little flock of them flying around examining the garden, probably for anything edible.

Otherwise I made myself busy yesterday backing a focaccia – a sort of Italian flat bread. I had quite a bit of bread left from the week-end and baking a new half kilo loaf would have been too much. Focaccia is quite good for a bread fill-in. The picture is before I baked it, with fresh rosemary needles from my herb bed on it for the flavour. My No. 1 son found it quite suspicious and stuck to the bread from the week-end, but he tried a piece and eventually it was all eaten, so it seemed to be a success.

It was a cleaning lady morning. I also got a delivery from my store. I had ordered a large piece of pork neck, so I was busy cutting it in slices, vacuuming and freezing it in portions. I now have enough for the next couple of months. It cooks nicely on a slow heat and is quite tender.

I will probably remain at home today. It was quite an exhausting morning with my various chores and dinner is also cooking.

It would not have been a normal day yesterday without a visit from Roschti, the neighbour’s cat. He is getting quite fussy. I always give him a small selection of cat treats, but now he just has a sniff and moves on. He might come back a few hours later, although our other cat visitor might pass through and eat them all, and then Roschti has had some bad luck.

I will now leave you. Have a good day and make the most of it.