Good Morning

What a wonderful fresh morning. It rained yesterday evening throughout the night with a few claps of thunder. At the beginning it was quite windy which managed to sweep one of my orchids to the ground outside and break the covering pot. However no damage done so much to the plant. Afterwards we decided to take the orchids inside during the night to be on the safe side. And now the clouds are going and the sun has arrived and we have fresh air. The heat wave is no longer and I feel so much better. We have normal summer temperatures thank goodness.

And the gardener has arrived and is already cutting my overgrown hedge.

Here he is the hedge cutting artist at work. I asked him for his permission to show the photo here. We do not always have the same gardener but he is often here to do the work.

Our local cats seem to have decided that my garden is the best for relaxation. This one settled on my chair outside to take it easy. I seem to be slowly the cat mother of the area.

Roschti, the other neighbourhood cat, also paid a visit yesterday, but he was just passing though and did not make a stop.

And I am now ready for the week, although nothing special happening at the moment. Perhaps I might be a little more out and about if the weather stays as perfect as it is now. My wheelchair is ready for action and so is my scooter. It is really wonderful to be able to breathe again and have not such problems with walking and fatigue. Have a good week everyone.