Good Morning

I lay in bed during the night hoping to hear the distant sound of thunder and eventually the pitter patter of the rain drops, but nothing. A still unmoving heat encompaces me as I am hugging the bed. Eventually I sleep hoping to wake to a good rainy day. Well today, it almost happened. I stopped hugging the bed and put my head out of the window, stepped into the front garden and I felt a drop of rain on my head. I saw a few spots on the paving stones on the ground. It was nothing spectacular, but perhaps a beginning. I had a look at the back garden and the same was happening. Ok, it was a three minute event, but it happened. The sun is not shining, there are clouds above and it is a little cooler. Perhaps it was an announcement of the things to come.

My hostas really developed in the heat wave and seem to grow bigger every year. I saw the first flower stalks here and there already.

Livestock is also already ariving indoors, but a harmless crane fly is no problem, so I let him hover a while. There do not seem to be so many flies this Summer, just now and again a solo one. Even for them it is too hot to fly.

They had mowed down our wild meadow and left the grasses to dry on the ground in the sun. The sparrows were watching from the trees and decided there was an interesting meal laying on the ground. It did not take so long and they soon arrived. This one was perched on the hedge and watching for any insects that might be moving I think. It was good to see them again.

And that is all I have to say for this morning. The sun has still not arrived and there is no more rain. I will be spending a quite day at home with no travels except for in the garden. Have a good Sunday everyone.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos … your hostas look so luxuriant .. I love that variety with that particular deep green color. It reminds me of jade. It is “Fathers Day” in our country, so please wish Mr. Swiss a Happy Father’s Day. Take care and have a great day. I have found a little tonic water, perhaps with a twist of lime .. helps the body cope on the days when the body feels the stressful heat. You don’t have to add the good stuff .. .just the lime and tonic will do. Just a suggestion. SLP …

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