RDP Saturday: Market Finds

Our next town from our village is just along the road and is a so-called market town. On the second Monday of the month the stalls are ready to welcome the people from the surroundings. It is a meeting place for people from the surrounding villages and the stall holders come regularly. That is our monthly market. We also have a grocery market and that is on Saturday morning when some of the local farmers sell their produce. I remember my Swiss mother-in-law always dressing in her best for her weekly visit to the market. It was a case of seeing and be seen.

I happen to know this family. The mother has a small farm and is regularly every Saturday morning at the market with her family to sell the produce.

The monthly market is a little different. They sell everything from clothing to toys for the children.

You can even equip your bathroom with various articles in all colours.

RDP Saturday: Market Finds

17 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Market Finds

  1. Such a fascinating market. In2017 when I was in Germany with my daughter I went to such markets with my son-in-law. Here too we have weekly markets and they are such bustling places. They start early in the morning.

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  2. Great idea! I wish we had a market like that.

    We had something like it in Jerusalem. In one of them, they sold only sheep and camels which cost a lot more money than you think something that smelly and grubby should cost!

    We did have a regular open market. It was open every week all day Thursday and Friday mornings. You could buy a lot of vegetables for pretty short money, but it was really not worthwhile for a small family. Our neighbors were dedicated shuk shoppers, but they had 13 children. And cousins. And aunts and uncles. And friends. They made really BIG meals. Owen used to go there to eat. He still says it was the best food he ever ate.

    The markets are all gone now. They’ve built a mall instead.

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