RDP Saturday: Market Finds

Our next town from our village is just along the road and is a so-called market town. On the second Monday of the month the stalls are ready to welcome the people from the surroundings. It is a meeting place for people from the surrounding villages and the stall holders come regularly. That is our monthly market. We also have a grocery market and that is on Saturday morning when some of the local farmers sell their produce. I remember my Swiss mother-in-law always dressing in her best for her weekly visit to the market. It was a case of seeing and be seen.

I happen to know this family. The mother has a small farm and is regularly every Saturday morning at the market with her family to sell the produce.

The monthly market is a little different. They sell everything from clothing to toys for the children.

You can even equip your bathroom with various articles in all colours.

RDP Saturday: Market Finds

Good Morning

I am not so sure if it will be a good morning, or even day. The heat is giving me problems. In the morning it is cooler, but it soon rises to the hot spot of the day. I find I am hugging my bed more during the day: not for a sleep but just to lay quietly and use no unnecessary energy. My body just does not feel good with 32° C during the day. We do not usually get such high temperatures until July. After a very wet and cooler May month, the heat has returned with a vengeance in June. I have to keep an eye on some plants in the garden as it seems to be ideal weather for aphid invasions. It seems giving them a good shower with the hose helps to keep them under control and so I can count the numerous dead aphids laying on the ground afterwards.

Yesterday the estate gardener arrived and removed our wild meadow. I heard voices outside and the boss was taking a walk with his apprentice and telling him how to attack the wild growth. It had grown quite high this year, but once he started to mow, it was soon laying on the ground.

After the wild growth had been cut it was left of the ground to dry in the sun. Probably the hay wagon will come and collect it today for animal food during the Winter. They were lucky that we had no storms or torrential rain during the night like most of Switzerland had yesterday, and it is still nicely drying out on the ground. That was our annual big removal of the wild meadow. It always happend mid June to give the plants time to seed up for next year.

I was off again yesterday on my scooter to the local store. the roads were quite empty as I scootered along at the side, but it is really too hot to go anywhere. I was glad I only had 5-10 minutes to the store and could keep a little in the shade. I already had my week-end provisions, but had used my last sticky paper for capturing food moths in my grocery cupboard. Actually I no longer have food months, since at least two years. I pack everything in the kitchen in airtight plastic boxes and so have an uninteresting place for insects. I still like to have the sticky paper on the cupboard door to make sure there are no invaders. The paper is impregnated with female hormone which attracts the males who afterwards die a very sticky immovable death on the paper and cannot help to produce offspring. That is the only method against the pests. As I said I have no more of these moths and have an insect free kitchen thank goodness.

I had my usual daily visitor with the pleading “give me something to eat” look in his eyes. How can I resist. I even have a double quantity of feline goodies in my cupboard as they had a special offer for two packets. I just have a soft spot for cats.

And that was yesterday’s adventures. Nothing special happening. I just like to watch the grass grow outside. Today I will not be going anywhere. Just a housewife day with a little cleaning and cooking. Have a good one everyone, may it be a good week-end.