RDP Friday: Burn

If you want it to burn, they have a complete selection of tools to help outside the store. There are bags full of cinders to heat up on your garden grill. There are bottles of fuel to get the fire going and all sorts of appliances for making sure you can torch it. No problem here for a grand funeral pyre in the evening. I wonder if there will still be space to include the meat. I hope no-one lights a match for their cigarette here, otherwise the store would probably explode.

And it is all available from Monday to Saturday. Even at the week-end it is left outside.

RDP Friday: Burn

4 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Burn

  1. We have a small — two-burner — gas grill. It’s plenty big enough for the three of us with room for one more. Since we don’t give big parties, I think it will do the job. And while I think charcoal makes food taste better, the amount of work involved in getting the coals the right temperature and hoping they stay hot long enough to actually cook the food is far more work than any of us are willing to put in. The gas grill is just fine and we can actually control the heat. For me, the whole thing is about getting the heat outside so we don’t heat up the kitchen in the summer. We seem to eat a lot of sausages, hot dogs, and hamburgers in the summer. And I make a pretty good potato salad and cole slaw. Add a salad. Voila! Healthy eating in hot weather. I admire those who really manage to get the coals to do the work.

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    • I do not grill at all. It is too much stress and work for everyone and I would be the only person doing it. Mr. Swiss has no interest in grilled food. At the moment I just make what we can manage to eat in this hot weather. There is a complete industry organised around the grillling process here. We don’t have parties and invite people, only my son visits from his part of Switzerland. Otherwise we are quite satisfied where we live with the small town advantages.

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