FOTD 18th June 2021: Sweet Pea

Today our local gardeners arrived and mowed down our natural meadow. It was mid June and that it the time when all the natural grasses and daisies have shed their seeds to be the foundation for next years meadow and so it is finished. Although, just a moment. What can we see there? The gardeners have left the remains of a sweet Pea plant showing its wonderful flowers. They will continued to give us colour and flowers until the end of Summer. Next year it will return again.The origin of the sweet pea comes from some seeds that I once sewed amongst my hedge to add some colour.

FOTD 18th June 2021: Sweet Pea

RDP Friday: Burn

If you want it to burn, they have a complete selection of tools to help outside the store. There are bags full of cinders to heat up on your garden grill. There are bottles of fuel to get the fire going and all sorts of appliances for making sure you can torch it. No problem here for a grand funeral pyre in the evening. I wonder if there will still be space to include the meat. I hope no-one lights a match for their cigarette here, otherwise the store would probably explode.

And it is all available from Monday to Saturday. Even at the week-end it is left outside.

RDP Friday: Burn

Good Morning

I have returned to say Good Morning again. Yesterday I just did not have the time or interest in writing anything. We are having such high temperatures, no air or breeze and every movement for me is a little too much. I also had to plan my day although no big stress. The first thing I did yesterday was to make a dough for a bread as I had to bake it already in the morning because my long planned visit to my new doctor’s surgery was necessary in the afternoon. It was either bake or blog, but there was no time for both. I was also feeling exhausted from a night of heat and no air movement. I decided to take my breakfast outside where there was a little more air and more pleasant.

I noticed the approaching figure of the local feline who had decided to see if there was anything going at my place. He seems to have a built in air conditioning unit in his fur and just sleeps when it gets too hot. I fed him a few cat delights and after eating them he dissappeared to other feline escapades.

After lunch I had a relaxing bed hug as I had to be on my way afterwards.

I eventually arrived at the doctor’s surgery. It was in part of the town where I had to cross the bridge, more a modern part with not so many old baroque buidings. I had not been there for some time and discovered that it resembled one large building site, difficult for me to steer my way in my scooter. Sidewalks were narrow with building material and containers everywhere and they even erected a small market in front of the building which was my destination. That was a further interruption coupled with two restaurants where the outside tables and chairs had occupied almost all of the sidewalk. It was very trying on a hot 33° C day and I decided to park my scooter on a side street in the shade and walk the rest with my walker which was also quite a strenuous affair. The practice is completely new, although the doctor has been practicing as an assistant to another doctor for a few years. He is now retired and she now has her own surgery. I discovered that she had a lift to the second floor, thank goodness, but I had to climb three steps to get to the lift. A young man helped me with my walker to reach the lift. Her surgery was still being organised, and actually it was closed, but she was there. I only had to drop off my large envelope full of my medical records. She was very helpful and gave me an appointment for my first visit. She seemed to be a very nice lady. She will also take over my No. 1 son as a patient. He is never really physically ill and his his autistic needs cared for by the authorities, but he really needs a doctor for any problems he could have physically.

After completing my business I decided to return home. It was really too hot to do anything else. I met this group of pigeons on the way. They had discovered a garbage bag, and were exploring its possibilities. It looked like a group demolition effort with the boss sitting on the bag giving instructions.

The first problem I had when departing was to find a way that was not blocked by construction machines. Bllocking my path was a truck loading up building rubble on a container from the building they were renovating. I had to reverse and find another path. Eventually I arrived on the main road and after many manipulations returned to normal civilisation.

When I saw the wecoming site of a restaurant I knew I was on the right way home.

I eventually crossed the foot bridge back to the other side of the river, my side, and could escape the heat of the town. This was one chore I was really pleased to have behind me.

That was really an adventure and when I arrived home I had to take a rest on my bed to recover from my strenuous journey and the heat of the day.

Today I am hoping for less stress. I want to visit the supermarket just along the road for a few purchases. This morning there was quite a commotion outside. There must have been an accident near us and I could only hear ambulance and police car horns. And now to move on for a nice normal, although very hot, day. Good Summer weather also has its disadvantages. Have a good one everyone.

Here is our restaurant mile in town which is now again being regularly visited since the Swiss Covid statistics have dropped to only 2-300 per day and sinking further. Is life going back to normal?