FOTD 16th June 2021: Rose

When I saw that this rose had opened today I just had to take a photo. It is really a perfect red rose. It has never looked so good as this year. Either it is too hot, or it rains, but the weather seems to be the perfect rose weather for it.

FOTD 16th June 2021: Rose

9 thoughts on “FOTD 16th June 2021: Rose

  1. That is a really perfect rose. It’s so beautiful it doesn’t even look real. Our little roses are starting to open, but every flower is in a life and death struggle with all the strangling, binding plants that are trying to take over the gardens. I think they would take over the house if they could find their way inside. I have nightmares about being bound to my bed by bindweed and wild grapevines. We also have another new one that didn’t used to live up here. It’s all strangling the few flowers that haven’t succumbed to the mass invasion of killer weeds. Owen and I were out there this morning trying to tear down enough of the bindweed to at least let the daylilies flower, but I think they have us beat.

    So your rose is EXTRA special! It’s alive and not dying under the killer weeds!

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    • I am quite proud of my rose and there are more to come on the plant. I have sticky aphids on my buddleia. I washed it down with a spray of soapy water, but they are still there. Otherwise I don’t seem to have so many weeds this year, just a few from the bird seed. I once had bindweed, but it has disappeared, I managed to contact my gardener and they will be visiting next week. There is some tidying up to do and mainly cutting the hedge.

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