RDP Wednesday: Breach

Even the local cemetery has its rules and regulations

Entrance forbidden with the exception of funeral cars with two accompanying vehicles, gardening vehicles, authorities and gravestone deliveries

Accompanying dogs and letting them roam is forbidden in the cemetery

Although I did not see anything about chickens not being allowed in the cemetery.

RDP Wednesday: Breach

Good Morning

Even the pleasant sunny days of Summer are looking the same daily. I am glad that the rain has stayed away, although we have some forecast for the end of the week. It will probably be Summer storms, but nothing dramatic. I will be going places this afternoon. I must really call in on my new doctor and deliver my papers from my old doctor. It is not so far, in town, but entering new buildings is always a problem when I do not know them. Do I have to climb stairs with my walker, is there a lift, on which level of the building is the doctor’s office. Problems that a normal mobile person does not have to think about, but for me they make a lot of difference.

I had a little surprise this morning when I saw my buddleia. I thought some of the lower leaves were wet, but when I felt them they were sticky and the little white marks were aphids. I had my gardner on the phone this morning about cutting my hedges and general garden work and she told me that it was not so bad and often normal in the hot weather. In the meanwhile I will spray them with soapy water which should stop they tiny feet from clinging to the leaves and I hope they meet a soapy slippery demise.

Otherwise everything seems to be under control and I notice that my decorative thistle that my gardener planted last year has appeared again. It makes a good decoration when it flowers amongst the other plants.

Our government is still being careful about relaxing all the Covid laws. Wearing masks will stop next week, but otherwise there are still precautions about meetings of large groups of people. We now have about 1-200 new covid infections daily and it is declining constantly. Over a population of eight million, the is really not so bad. Perhaps life is gradually returning to its normal situation. We have been living for at least two years with this problem. I remember at the beginning we were told that in a couple of months it would pass. Since then we have been waiting to get our vaccinations and counting the rising statistics in the news daily.

Yesterday evening I was again outside reading, enjoying the evening weather. I had quite a large wash as my cleaning lady uses many of my cleaning rags and I always combine it with my towel wash. It dries overnight and this morning I could put it all in the cupboard.

I do not have such a busy programme this morning with cooking lunch. I hope you all have a good day and smooth runnings.