RDP Tuesday: Spruiker

If the Swiss speak in public we like to do it in subdued tones, nothing loud or spruiking. Just take a comfortable seat and wait your turn. In this case it was a harmless reading group on one of our places next to the river, choosing their text from books they like to read. A microphone was supplied.

The text says (translated from the orignal German)
Anyone can read out
The first two pages
The last two pages
2 pages from the middle of the book

RDP Tuesday: Spruiker

13 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Spruiker

  1. Must have been a bunch of graduate students: read the introduction, conclusion and some from the middle. When you have to read five or more books every week and write papers on them you come up with short cuts.

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  2. Wonderful! I have been taking a rug into my back yard on the sunny days too… we’ve been having gorgeous northwestern days alternating with rain like crazy….

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