RDP Tuesday: Spruiker

If the Swiss speak in public we like to do it in subdued tones, nothing loud or spruiking. Just take a comfortable seat and wait your turn. In this case it was a harmless reading group on one of our places next to the river, choosing their text from books they like to read. A microphone was supplied.

The text says (translated from the orignal German)
Anyone can read out
The first two pages
The last two pages
2 pages from the middle of the book

RDP Tuesday: Spruiker

Good Morning

Something a little different for me with a Good Morning blog on Tuesday, but today I have time. The cleaning lady is here putting the finishing touches to her work, Mr.Swiss decided to travel to town with his scooter and I managed to spruce up my windows. No. 1 son will be later for lunch today as he has to call in at the vaccination centre for his first Covid Jab. Dinner is also cooking nicely, so I have nothing better to do than to sit at the computer.

I think I will be spending the day at home, but am not sure. The weather is wonderful, sunny warm and blue skies. Whilst Mr. Swiss was in town he got his cigarettes so I do not have to go anywhere for anyone.

My new hose arrived this morning. I only ordered it yesterday afternoon, quite late, and it already arrived with this morning’s post. Those online deliveries are getting quicker and quicker. I mentioned yesterday that my old hose had a split. This is ideal as it is for small gardens and I do not have to have a wagon for it. Everything was already connected and all we have to do is to attach it to the water. No. 1 son can do it this afternoon, he is very good at solving mechanical puzzles.

Wild life is a bit scarce at the moment, and I am only getting visits from the bees. I can hear the birds chirping, but they hide behind the leaves on the trees. I do not even bother so much with the TV at the moment, but prefer to sit outside in the good weather in the evening with a book.

I am now on my way to the kitchen. Have a good day everyone. I leave you with one of my rose bushes, not quite a bush as it is a climbing rose, which reminds me I should give the gardener a call to trim my hedges as they are really getting a little out of hand.