Good Morning

And another week begins with a burst of sun it seems. We are now back to Summer with all the heat, but pleasant days. It is wonderful to be able to sit outside during the day (although in the shade of the sun blind) and absorb nature at its best. Flowers are flowering, insects are insecting so what could be better. Mr. Swiss had a small accident with my garden hose yesterday. It decided to burst (probably due to old age) and he got rather wet. I noticed his clothes outside drying in the sun. He thought it was the neighbour watering the garden next door, but I discovered the tear in the hose. He managed to remedy the problem by shortening the hose. I can still use it but not quite ideal. I have to spray from a distance at the side of the garden. We live an online life, so I had a look on my online shop on the computer, and found the ideal replacement. It will be ordered today with a 1-2 day delivery. I cannot really complain, we have had the hose since at least ten years.

After that little bit of excitement I had a look in the garden to see if there was any action. There was not very much happening, and the only action were the bees which seem to have only one purpose during Summer, visitng the flowers. They are lonely bees, manly female, and now and again lay a few eggs in my insect hotel. All the rooms are now occupied.

We had an aeronautic show in the sky this morning. The light is now right and the skies are clear enough to see the planes circulating above. I took this photo with my cell phone and it surprised me how clear it turned out.

Today I will remain at home. I have nothing to shop, everything has been delivered. I sent a mail yesterday to the local salvation army with photos of goods I no longer need – a sofa bed and a foldable bed which we have rarely used. The salvation army have a second hand store here and I am hoping they can use them. I had already contacted them with four good chairs we no longer need. I am gradually clearing things out. I should also contact my neurologist as I have received my annual letter telling me that a visit is now necessary to renew my perscription for my very expensive MS medicine which I inject every second day. It looks like action time. I also have to organise a visit to my new general practitioner as my doctor has now moved to another village. I just have to give up my details and organise a first appointment so that we can get to know each other.

And now to move on. There is a bread to bake and generally organise the apartment after the week-end. Have a good week with no stress.

The neighbour’s cat does not seem to know what stress is and likes to relax in my garden.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is always good to see Roschti. One of the little outdoor cats that I take care of really wants to come inside. I would love it but husband says our 3 cats are quite enough. I tend to disagree, but will bide my time until he decides 4 is OK…
    Beautiful shot with your cellphone!

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