Good Morning

The sun arrived some time ago and it looks like it will be another sunny day in my little corner of Switzerland. I have had quite a stressful week with various chores , but I am now hoping for a normal Friday and am determined to go places this afternoon. I have been postponing my visit to town for more than a week. There is now good weather, no more rain, and I have no great deeds to complete today. I will be on a quest for Mr. Swiss supply of cigarettes, although I notice he no longer smokes so many, but that is his problem. I want to visit the supermarket and see what is on offer with frozen goods and special offers. I make sure that I have enough supplies in my store in the cellar, but now and again like to add to it.

The local feline, Roschti, still visits my garden, generally in the afternoon when he can have an hour of relaxation. Yesterday he made himself comfortable next to the roses

My basil and Dill seeds are developing nicely and growing well lin the good weather. Harvest time is approaching, although not yet, but they seem to be developing quicker daily. I also have a packet of parsley seeds and will be planting them at the week-end. I have grown parsley before and it does quite well. I was planning on baking a foccacia yesterday but no longer had any yeast which rather annoyed me. I changed the evening menu to cold cuts accompanied with vegetable spring rolls. It lead to the fact that son No. 1 ate the bread remainders for breakfast this morning and I was left with nothing, and I do like to eat something for breakfast. However, that emergency situation is also cared for. I have a complete loaf of frozen toast bread in the freezer. Two slices thaw out immediately in the toaster, so I treated myself to toast, butter and jam for the morning feast and am now washing it down with a nice cup of tea.

The bees were again doing their work on the sedum flowers. They seem to have replaced the birds with my action photos of nature.

My little bird still appears from time to time and here he seems to be serching for something in the underground of my herb bed.

Statistics on the Covid pandemic in Switzerland are sinking daily. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this dreadful virus would disappear. In our Kanton we are approaching the total of 50% of the population that have been vaccinated. Statistics yesterday showed that no new cases had been registered in our area. Life is gradually getting back to normal, although we still have to wear our masks in enclosed spaces.

My Friday delivery of goods from the supermarket will arrive this morning, although I did not have to order so much as I am fairly well covered for food over the week-end.

And now to move on. The week-end is almost here and I wish everyone a good one.