Good Morning

Something completely different, we have a misty morning. I have not seen one for a long while. We can blame it on the various rain showers we have had in the last couple of days and the warm weather. This morning we are left with the result, a grey sky and mist, but even that has its charm when you see the colours of the flowers and meadow carving their way through. I am convinced that today will be a nice sunny one eventually and warm. At least that is what the weather forecast says. I have not been anywhere since last week on Tuesday and seem to be becoming hermit. I was going into town today, Mr. Swiss needs cigarettes, but even that is not necessary. He still has enough until the week-end and so I have postposed my journey until tomorrow. I was busy during the past week organising my garden cupboard and now I am quite proud that it has been done and the spiders in the cupboard can breathe fresh air again. You can clear a lot, but the spiders remain. They have a nice comfortable place to spin their webs and have their private conversations. They have an outside entrance to the garden if they want to go hunting or make the most of the weather and they do not bother me. They scuttle away when I open the door to the cupboard.

My little bird is still paying the regular visits outside. He seems to be making himself at home.

He likes to sit on my raised bed and sometimes goes for an examination of the plant life in the bed, often having a peck around in the earth, probably searching for livestock. Perhaps he is on the search for food for the hantchlings in the next, although they are probably now getting bigger and can find their own food. I have actually never seen a sparrow nest.

Now and again he takes a peck at the parsley I have growing outside in a pot.

This morning I was busy stripping my bed and recovering the duvet and cushion. I will do the remainder later. Mr. Swiss is still hugging his bed and there is really no rush. It is one of those necessary jobs you have to do, but not exactly an enjoyable one. Mr. Swiss has now arisen and informed that he has stripped his bed. It looks like I am on my way to completing the job, but first of all I want to digest my breakfast and do a few jobs in the apartment.

I will now move on and wish everyone a good day.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. Great photos. The mute colors in the bottom photo are just so amazing … it is amazing what you see through the camera … have a great day .. don’t work too hard. Just enjoy the season. SLP …

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  2. Good Morning!
    The smoke tree in the last picture actually does seem to be holding its bloom later than is should. Although I can not see closely enough to determine the gender of the flowers, it seems to behave like a female (as I mentioned earlier). I do not pay much attention to them, but it seems to me that the bloom of male specimens falls away almost immediately after it becomes noticeable. I almost never see flowers. I see only the smoke like trusses that remain after the flowers are gone. I do not know what to think about your specimen, since the smoke I saw last year really looked to be normal smoke of a male specimen. I will need to see what it does later this time. A female specimen is interesting because they are not grown in the nursery industry. As I mentioned earlier, it could have become female later. Alternatively, it could have been grown from seed, as seedlings can be either gender, but the foliage of seedlings is not always as richly colored as their cultivar parents.

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  3. I was out in our front yard last evening, trimming back a few branches, but it is so hot! I really should trim things up on a regular basis, but the heat is so oppressive, so I stay inside during the day. I feel like a hermit sometimes, too, but at least I am staying cool.

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    • I can understand that. Luckily I have a sun blind for protection against the sun. Yesterday I was tying up my rose branches and that was unpleasant work, especially as they were full of thorns. I had to put on my garden gloves

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  4. What a cute little sparrow. It is a sparrow, right? I bet you could tame him to eat our of your hand if you wanted to. When our feeders are up, the birds — especially the little ones — get surprisingly friendly. They practically stamp their little feet if we don’t put the food out on time. I’ve started putting out some seeds again. Not the whole sumptuous feast, but some seeds.. Really, it’s for me. i just miss them. So we had a few Goldfinches and Blue Jays and the little chipmunk has been running up and down the pillars of the deck to grab seeds and then hustles off to store them. The magical woods.

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    • I think it is a sparrow, but am not quite sure. From March we cannot buy bird food. It is not stocked in the stores. The idea is that the birds can now find their own food. Bringing up their families they get more fresh meat from nature.


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