Good Morning

I decided to join the fun again this morning, although the sky was not such fun. Yesterday was quite a sunny day despite the weather forecast, but the rain came during the night. A rainy afternoon is predicted and I was really thinking over whether to do my shopping trip today or tomorrow. Tomorrow will definitely be a sunny one and today is a bit doubtful. I also want to bake a bread today. I make the pastry in the morning which does not take so long and bake it in the afternoon.

I actually spotted a sparrow in the garden yesterday. He has been hopping around now and again but this time I caught him on camera. During Winter and early spring they are common visitors when I put out the food, but since a month they have become quite scarce. Now and again he flies off with nest material in his beak.

I think it is a sparrow, but I was glad to see him again.

Where there are birds, the bees are not far away. They are having fun on my sedum as the flowers are now developing regularly.

Our new Covid cases were down to only 2-300 yesterday in Switzerland which is not bad considering we have a population of 8 million. At the moment the main drama I have seen in Britain especially is that holidays abroad are in jeopardy. There was a real panic in Spain for the english wanting to return home before the deadline arrived for compulsory quarantine when then return to Britain. Some were paying hundreds of pounds to rebook their flight a day earlier to escape the expanses of going into quarantine. I really do not understand the situation. England has such wonderful places for holidays. Why do they all have to escape to Europe. Perhaps they need their beaches in the sun to return home with their suntanned bodies to show off to the neighbours, or just to show their exclusive holiday photos. Sometimes the pandemic brings out the negative characteristics of the human. I am probably too old for such problems now and am content to rest in my garden at home or visit the local town. I just no longer need all this holiday panic, although perhaps if I was still a member of the working population I would also try to escape somewhere.

I noticed this fire bug making its way into the insect hotel yesterday, but I think he was only paying a visit. They often swarm around here, although I no longer see so many since our lawn no longer exists.

I will now make myself busy in the apartment. I also have a new shopping list to create for my next online delivery which will happen on Friday. My freezer is quite full, so there will not be so much to organise. It is good to have a good frozen store as I can pick and choose what to cook. Have a good day everyone, and keep safe. See you around later.

I noticed that the apples are slowly developing on my tree.