Good Evening

I know I am late, you can see it from the late afternoon sky. This morning was long ago, and I was busy with my cleaning lady and sorting out a few things. The good news is that after a week wading through cobwebs and various other animal refuse I have at last organised my garden cupboard. Son No. 1 shifted four bags of unwanted rubbish into our container and now all is organised. We still have two lawn mowers which we do not need, but otherwise we now have room in the cupboard for everything. I must say that no insects or animals were harmed in the cleaning operation as in the better weather they tend to live the outdoor life. I will now move on to contacting the salvation army to collect some items of furniture no longer needed in our hobby room in the cellar.

When my No. 2 son’s family visited on Sunday they brought some new chairs for our patio table. The ones we had were getting quite shaky and were no longer so safe. The new ones are much better, more solid, and are reinforced with metal. My 2 year old grandson spent a happy hour unscrewing the old chairs and my son took them with him to dispose of them, so we had no problem. Of course I cleaned the cushions and applied the vacuum cleaner on them to clear cat fur remains on them. It did not take long and Roschti decided to christen the new chairs with his presence and made himself comfortable for a nice sleep. I am glad he has given his seal of approval.

We discovered that our door bell was not working and visitors were left in front of a locked door. We have two door bells. One is on the outside of the building attached to our intercom system that works very well when you want to make sure who is calling. The other bell is on the direct door to the apartment and that was silent. Mr. Swiss called the guy and within half an hour he was doing the necessary repairs. It was a five minute job and we are now with a normal door bell. Actually we get very few visitors. Apart from the monthly visit of No. 2 son, who also has a key, I have the supermarket deliveries twice a week and that is all. We really do live an isolated life.

I was thinking about going into town this afternoon, but storms were predicted so I decided to stay at home. Of course no storm arrived, just one clap of thunder as a warning but it will all happen probably during the night. Tomorrow there will be storms and rain, but Thursday is a sunny Summer day, as the following week-end, so I will wait. I have no urgent business to deal with at the moment.

My roses are beginning to bloom in the garden and I spent part of the afternoon tying them up. This rose is a climbing rose and it tends to climb everywhere, so I had to tie it onto the supports to stop it wandering or getting dirty on the ground.

And that was my not very eventful day. It is now evening and I am settling down with the TV and a book. I hope you all had a good day.

RDP Tuesday: Sawyer

Whenever I went to town I would pass this tree standing in a field. It no longer had fresh leaves and it seemed that other growing bushes were taking over.

And then, one day, as I passed the tree this was all that there was. The tree had been felled, it was no longer standing tall and firm. This was two years ago, but the remains are still there, left in the field for nature to do its work. In a last effort it even produced some green leaves.

RDP Tuesday: Sawyer