Good Morning

I have returned after a day’s absence. Yesterday my No. 2 son and family visited and I was occupied with being a grandmother and Mr. Swiss a grandfather, which is a nice occupation. Although we see the grandchildren perhaps only once a month they know who we are and make themselves at home when they arrive. The weather stayed warm and friendly, although today we have returned to the rainy season. However not too much rain but enough to keep me at home for the day. It will probably continu this week, but I am hoping to get out tomorrow or later in the week.

The rain is encouraging the snails to take a walk in the garden which I am not very happy about. I have already treated the plants, especially the hostas, with a dose of snail pellets and am hoping they will stay away. The snails are not so bad, but the slugs have a voracious appetite and absorb everything with their 27,000 teeth, although they are not teeth as we know them, they are more microscopic, but do the job they are meant for. I actually found this little fellow quite sweet. He was probably taking his first baby steps along the wall.

My smoke tree in the garden has also began to flower, although they are more specialised in quantites of very small flowers but look quite good especially when they are full of rain drops.

After my day with the grandkids I decided to have an late afternoon sleep when they left to recover for the evening. I eventually settled down with a book and then noticed that there was a film on the TV which captured my interest. It was one of those so-called Marvel films based on the old Spiderman and other fantastic figures of the comic world, which I grew up with a little. Admittedly they are a little exaggerated but sometimes I need to escape from the real world and a little fantasy does help.

No. 1 son had a little problem on Saturday when his TV set gave up. He was getting a picture but it was telling him there was no signal. Mr. Swiss had a look and said probably he would have to get a new cable. For an autist, these links to life can be a little problematic, actually very problematic. He managed to survive the evening with his store of DVD films. Yesterday morning he arrived in the kitchen to tell me that the TV was again working with no problems. Sometimes the TV world moves in mysterious ways, but I was glad that one of this main lifelines of entertainment was again operating.

And now I have to operate with my daily routine. No stress this morning with cooking and baking a bread. I can only wish you all a good day and beginning to the week.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. Great photos. The smoke tree looks very interesting. The color is very absorbing. Glad to hear the grand kiddies had a good time. Have a great week!!! SLP …

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      • ? If it blooms, it should get fuzzy. Does it instead develop a bunch of tiny seed structures? The cultivars are supposed to be male, and therefore fruitless. I have never heard of one changing gender, but other species do in the absence of one gender or the other. (If all are male, some may become female.) Otherwise, I do not know why it would not get as fuzzy as others.

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          • If it produces seed, it is female, which likely compromises its smoky appearance. (How Californian.) It could have changed gender, although I do not know if that species is capable of that, or it could have been grown from seed, which could be either gender. If it was grown from seed, it certainly has good foliar color. Seed grown plants tend to be greener, more like the common species.


  2. We get a lot of TV and computer mystery messages. They aren’t really mysterious. We have a terrible internet carrier and they are intermittent. The signal vanishes, then reappears and can do this for no reason all day long. Last Saturday was like that. I eventually gave up and stopped trying to do anything that required a secure connection. With everything we do requiring a Wi-Fi connection, we are more and more dependent on those services which have never been as good as they should be — or what the price tag should indicate, but we don’t have much to say about it. Our town, county or Kanton tells us who our carrier is and that’s that. Overall, you (and most of Europe) has much better connections than we do in the U.S. But SO many people are “living online” these days, servers are not up to the task and I’m afraid it’s just going to get worse.

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    • My no. 1 son only watches TV. He doesn’t have a computer or video and just watches his DVD otherwise. I think it was a Signal problem he had. Otherwise we have no problems with our TV. I am glad my son‘s problem was solved. We have our TV Programmes from all over Europe and now mainly watch the British BBC


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