Good Morning

Yesterday evening I heard the sound of thunder. I then saw that there was a storm warning on my weather app in our area and our little village of Feldbrunnen was mentioned as one of the areas affected. I did a quick mental check of what was out in the garden that could be affected, but decided there was no great cause for alarm. The thunder stopped and when I went to bed I could hear the soothing sound of raindrops outside and decided it was perhaps time for the garden to have another soak. This morning we have cloudy skies, just one big grey cloud covering everything, but no problem. Sometimes it is good to have a weather change. Temperatures have dropped, but no great threat and I am sure in a day or two everything will be back to how it should be at this time of the year.

The sunny warm weather had brought the bees out and coupled with my sedum plants which are now flowering, they were living up to their reputation of being busy bees and flying to every open flower they found for their pollen supplies. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to see nature in action.

I was also in action for an hour yesterday afternoon progressing on organising my garden cupboard. It is really amazing what you collect for rubbish but I am now getting it all in grip. I just have to dispose of two lawn mowers and my garden tools. My gardener might be able to dispose of the tools. I have a rake, a shovel and various metal supports for plants. In my younger days of mobility I planted tomatoes and beans, as well as strawberries and diligently harvested everything, but that was 20 years ago. Now those days are gone but I am left with the equipment.

I had one of my regular visitors yesterday, but Roschti was just passing through having a look to see if there was anything worth examining closer.

Today I will be cleaning up the cushions on the chairs on the patio. Tomorrow I will be having a visit from my No. 2 son and his family with the two grandhildren. The will be bringing new chairs for our patio table as the chairs I have are becoming a dangerous trap. They are no longer as solid as they were, and my daughter in law found good replacements. They will take the old chairs with them as she has a good possibility of disposing of them. I am glad as I really do not want to collect more unwanted articles. I am not sure if I will be around tomorrow as I will have a lunch to cook and some catching up to do with my extended family who I do not see so much.

I am now off to deal with the daily chores. Take care everyone.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos .. it would see excitement is building for the visit of the grandchildren … that’s fantastic … have a great visit with them .. .SLP …

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  2. We had some rain yesterday. Not exactly the deluge they had promised, but enough to add a little something to our aquifer.

    We had our garden completely cleaned out less than a month ago and it has gone berserk since then. I have never seen any ground completely overcome by weeds and vines and who-knows-what. You can’t even see the burgeoning daylilies through the HUGE weeds. At least these include butterfly plants which are, it turns out, the size of small trees and stand 12 or more feet tall. I hope we at least get some butterflies. I planted ONE plant a few years ago and It didn’t seem to take, but last year, a couple grew late in the summer. THIS year, they have engulfed the garden. They may feed the butterflies, but they are truly unattractive — okay, let’s rephrase that — ugly plants and if it weren’t for them being essential to the survival of our dying species of Monarch butterflies, I’d be chopping them down. I know there are prettier versions, but the cultivated ones don’t properly feed butterflies so we are stuck with these tall ugly weeds that according to all the research I’ve done will only get worse with each passing year. Some of them will have to be removed. I am caught between trying to “do the right thing” and having a garden that isn’t hideous. It is a surprisingly difficult choice.

    Overall, though, ALL our plants are growing as if it will be winter next week. As far as I know, it’s going to get very hot today, blisteringly hot tomorrow, and unbreathable\y hot the day after. By the end of the week, the temperatures SHOULD drop down to something more normal. “Normal” is a very moot point around New England. We do not have a “normal,” just weird and bizarre and “HUH?”

    in the meantime, I gave in and turned on the air conditioning and I can breathe in and out without gurgling, wheezing, and coughing. I was ready to turn myself into a hospital just for the air. I couldn’t breathe. The air was so thick with humidity. pollen, weed seed, and tree dust and dirt, my lungs were threatening to leave home without me.

    Your tidy little garden looks like heaven from here!

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    • We have a wild meadow next to our garden where we have our wild flowers and weeds, although some of the weeds are quite attractive, especially the daisies. During June it will be removed after the seeds have spread from the flowers and next year will grow again. We had our garden refurbished by the gardener and no longer have a lawn. Now and again weeds will poke through the gravel in the garden. but our gardiner will remove them when he arrives during Summer to cut back the hedges. We are no longer do very much ourselves with our mobility problems.
      We have a butterfly bush (buddleia) in the middle of our front garden, but no longer see so many butterflies on it, although it is a little early now and does not have any flowers to attract them yet. I mainly concentrate on growing herbs for cooking. Otherwise most of the plants are perrenials so I can just leave them to do their own thing. We do not have such a large garden, but its size suits us.
      We have had quite warm weather lately, although it rained during the night, but the sun has now returned again.


  3. Enjoy the visit with your family tomorrow! Your bee photo is wonderful. It is great to watch nature take its course. I’ve not yet seen the little hummingbird who was a constant visitor in my front yard last year. Maybe it is too early for him just yet.

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