Good Morning

Not such a friendly day this morning with clouds everywhere. At least you can see that they are clouds and not one grey blanket over everything. There is also a light wind blowing, but I am sure it will improve during the day. I will be getting a food delivery this morning and my duties will be dealt with until Monday. I really do not intend going anywhere. On Sunday my No. 2 son and his family will be visiting. The grandchildren are growing and developing speech. They are growing up multi lingual: not with various languages, but with various dialects. The father speaks Solothurn German, the mother is a German so does not speak dialect, and the area where they live speaks Schaffhausen dialect. Of course we understand it all, but it takes some getting used to.

Yesterday I continued to tidy the garden cupboard which is slowly becoming a Sisyphus work. We have a metal frame with various shelves and I am clearing the shelves one by one. We have three lawn mowers and no lawn. The mowers are from the olden days when we had a lawn and two are with cable for the electric current. The third lawn mower is a mowey and wanders around on the grass on his own. That was an expensive piece and we will probably pass that onto No. 2 son if he wants it. I noticed a few items had been gnawed by some sort of inhabitant of the cupboard. They is why I waited for the better weather when the inhabitants move out to their holiday homes in the grass.

Yesterday evening I was left with the TV. I ask myself why it is that when you have 10 channels to watch you never find anything worth watching and it was the english channels. The only correspondence we get by post seems to be bills

Due to lack of events on my side I will now close down for the morning. The organising of the apartment is all I have to busy myself with and as it is Friday I decided to cook fish for luch which is no great effort. I hope your day is more interesting than mine, At least the local Jura mountains as looking good this morning.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I just cleared out the cupboard and found the motors to the mowers, but not yet the actual mowers. They are at the bottom level and I have not yet reached that part. Slowly I am progressing. I think I must have had a complete mouse family living in the cupboard during the Winter, but have now removed all traces.


  1. My husband had the sprinklers on the front yard this morning and then planned to go fishing. However, the sky is darker and darker as we speak. It’s gonna rain. No fishing today…

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  2. Good Morning!
    Where I lived in town, I was near the edge of San Jose, which is the tenth most populous city in America. You would think that there would be plenty of television stations there for all those people. Yet, because of the minimal proximity to the hills from which signal was broadcast, only a few stations could be received. Apparently (and I do not know much about such physics), the signal bypassed our region to reach the maximum number of recipients beyond. It makes sense. We were just too close to the broadcasting antennas. Eventually, I got cable television, but found that there was less to watch with hundreds of options than there was with only a few. I have been without television since 2006.

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    • Bravo without television. My TV ime is usually evening as my other half always retires earlier than I do. The Biritsh TV have sometimes interesting science and history programmes and I can catch up on the films I missed over the last years. Otherwise I can be quite comfortable with just a good book.

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