Good Morning

Although cloudy it could be yet another pre Summer day in our area. There is no rain, it is warm and so no problems. Today is a holiday in our area for Corpus Christi so it is also quite silent, no traffic to be heard on the nearby country road. No. 1 son will be at home today and tomorrow, giving him a nice long week-end of four days. The only action I will have today is a bit of housework, cooking and some home organisation.

My No. 1 son at last got his appointments for his Covid jabs. The first one will be mid June, and the second mid July. We are now noticing the effect that the vaccinations are having in our country. From over 2,000 new cases of Covid in our country daily we are at the moment down to about 900 which is quite an achievement over a population of eight million. I hope this disease will eventually disappear, although some traces always remain. There is talk of an annual booster injection once a year, but that is no great problem. If you have a flue jab, that also has to be renewed annually.

I had a visitor this morning. This little feline belongs to yet another neighbour. She often paid a visitk but now just passes through on her way to another secret cat destination. This morning I was taking a few photos in the garden and she suddenly appeared on the camera.

I had just sprayed the garden and she was having a aniff at the leaves.

The garden is looking good and daily there are more flowers opening their buds. This allium has now produced all the flower stalks.

I am still working on clearing our cellar hobby room. I now have a few customers for various unwanted items and also contacted the salvation army yesterday as they have a second hand shop in our area and are glad for any furniture items that they can resell. We are a spoilt society really and when you get older you realise how much you collect on the way which is not necessary.

I will probably be backing a bread some time today. I usually make the dough in the morning and bake it in time for the evening meal.

And now to move on with my general household chores and perhaps a little garden work. Have a good day everyone.