Good Morning

The sun was hiding behind the clouds, but now and again made an appearance. I am sure today will be another nice warm and sunny day. It is such a pleasure to awake and see the trees and garden now showing their green sides. All the seeds are growing and developing. Our lilac tree has now lost all the flowers, but so have most of the trees now. Nature seems to be making up for lost time after the wet and cold month of May. I can now sit outside during the afternoon with my computer. Yesterday I had to get my weekly order finished for groceries for the week-end to be delivered on Friday morning. We have a day less this week and all the stores in our kanton will be closed for corpus christi, one of the catholic holidays. It is only the catholic Kantons in Switzerland that get this holiday and we are one of them. I have now dealt with my outstanding chores and can take it easy until the week-end when I make the next shopping list.

Talking of shopping, I decided to venture into town yesterday. I had a few items to organise. I noticed that there is now more movement on the streets due to relaxation of the Covid rules, but this can have it disadvantages for me. Here we have the entrance to the supermarket on the left. They are renovating the building next to it and of course the various workers are coming and going with their vans and trucks and for me blocking the sidewalk. If I was mobile by foot it would be no problem but I have to depend on my scooter for getting me into town where I can park it in front of the store, unsaddle my walker and do my shopping. Life is no longer as easy at it was andI have to travel partially on the road to get to the store or cross the road from the other side where it is difficult to mount onto the pavement. I have to be very careful and it is most annoying. Yesterday my path on the way to town was also blocked by a thoughtless lorry with a crane on it. The driver was chopping off branches from an overgrown tree. He did not even see me and I had to travel a stretch along the road as there was no way I could get back onto the sidewalk. Luckily there was not so much traffic and our local train was not approaching as I had to travel next to the rails. Eventually I found a slope to get me back onto the sidewalk.

I noticed that our local vaccination station for Covid was also quite busy. It seems the golden oldies have had their jabs and now the younger people are having theirs. The vaccination hall is next to the state police which is the reason that there are police cars parked outside.

I got a rather large envelope from my doctor yesterday. She has now moved the practice to another village which is too difficult for me to reach, so I now have a new doctor. She sent me all my medical reports to pass on to the new doc. They were mostly from my MS neurologist and I discovered that they contained every detail of my various hospital visits or calls from the ambulance men when I had fallen at home and needed help to get back onto my feet. It was most interesting. I will now contact my new doctor to get to know her.

Otherwise it was good to get out. Our town was not really busy but it is always good to travel through it and enjoy a bit of real life.

I should now move on to real life at home, although today I have no real stress and nothing special to do. Take it easy and enjoy life as much as possible.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos as usual. It looks like it was a wonderful day yesterday in your part of the world. We have had two nice days, but tomorrow is looking to be cloudy and rainy again. Hope to get one more day out in the garden today. Then hunker down. Have a great day … SLP …

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