RDP Tuesday: Widowmaker

My gardiner is a widowmaker. He chops trees and makes them smaller. I must say there were no trees harmed during the operation, at least I heard no screams. My apple tree was now ready for the Summer to come. After the unwanted branches were removed it said it could breathe again and all the little buds were relieved as they could become apples.

RDP Tuesday: Widowmaker

3 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Widowmaker

  1. OH MY! Is that the arborist who does such an exemplary job?! Guys like him used to be so common here, back when the Santa Clara Valley was famous for orchard production. Of course, they did not prune with such precision for the orchards. Production was the priority, and time was limited. This looks like an old picture, from when the tree was still mostly dormant. Coincidentally, among arborists, a ‘widowmaker’ is a broken limb or destabilized tree that is caught up in the canopy of other trees, but has not yet fallen. They are dangerous to those on the ground, or perhaps to the guy who must climb up after them (if he must climb up under them). They are common in forests that were burned by forest fire.

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      • Yes, that is when apple trees should be pruned. Technically, late winter is best. I prefer early winter because I get impatient, and I remember that was when most of the orchard pruning happened. Orchardists needed to get an early start on all those trees. Some of the stone fruits started getting pruned while still foliated in early autumn.

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