Good Morning

Could not resist the wonderful morning sky we have today. Clouds are floating past with a nice blue background. I am usually busy with other chores on Tuesday morning as my cleaning lady is here, but today I have more time as my apartment seems to be in order. I also stopped hugging the bed earlier. The online delivery from my store has also arrived and everything has been tidied away, so what more is there to do.

Yesterday the weather was bee weather and they were feeding on my sedum which has now at last showed its flowers. Whilst I am just lazing around enjoying the summer weather the bees are shaming me by being very busy.

My garden is now bursting with activity and flowers and bushes are beginning to go into action.

This afternoon I intend to go into town. Tuesday afternoon seems to have become the day when I escape from my isolation. I have a few groceries to get and will be scootering my way into town. On Sunday No. 2 son and his family will be visiting and I like to plan in advance. We golden oldies like to avoid stress where possible.

And now I should really move on.

My pork sausages and onions are sizzling in the pan and it will soon be time for food. Have a good day everyont.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    The garden looks so idyllic. Although I am none too keen on Japanese maple, I can appreciate a good one when I see it. That hedge is . . . well, you know. I know it is just a hedge, but I really wish I could find a gardener who would still shear a hedge like that. Of course, the IRIS! I know it is a bearded iris, but it looks like the Iris pallida, which again, may not sound important, but it so makes me want to get out and enjoy my own garden instead of spending all day in other people’s gardens.

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    • Thanks for the seal of approval from the expert, although the gardiner usually looks in on my garden now and again. The hedges are growing and in a month they will have to be trimmed again. My Japanese maple once lost a few twigs but they have grown again and this year it is looking OK. I find it grows a little tall.

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      • Hedges are a lot of work, but I sort of miss them. There was a pair of common privet hedges flanking the front garden of the home where I lived during high school. I kept them very straight, although not quite matching. Because of a driveway on one side, the hedge needed to be low enough to see over. The neighbor on the other side preferred the hedge to be taller. The area was wide enough that they did not need to match, although I really wanted them to. There are only a few hedges here, and none of them are formal. In fact, they would look odd if they were too straight. The landscape is so informally forested. European gardens seem to use hedges more as they were intended. Also, European hedges seem to be maintained much better. Also, Japanese maples are not so overly common like they have become here. (They do not even perform well here!)

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  2. Your garden looks so pretty and so cozy — and the sausages and onions look pretty good, too! The sun finally came out today and I can feel the air heating up and the humidity rising. Just as I expected, the moment the cold rain ended, the “double H” weather began: Hot and humid. It’s an annual event. I really love New England. I just wish we had better weather.

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    • That’s the front garden. I am more in the back garden. We had the lawn removed which gives less work for us. Our rainy season seems to have gone and now we have the sunny warm days at last.


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