RDP Tuesday: Widowmaker

My gardiner is a widowmaker. He chops trees and makes them smaller. I must say there were no trees harmed during the operation, at least I heard no screams. My apple tree was now ready for the Summer to come. After the unwanted branches were removed it said it could breathe again and all the little buds were relieved as they could become apples.

RDP Tuesday: Widowmaker

Good Morning

Could not resist the wonderful morning sky we have today. Clouds are floating past with a nice blue background. I am usually busy with other chores on Tuesday morning as my cleaning lady is here, but today I have more time as my apartment seems to be in order. I also stopped hugging the bed earlier. The online delivery from my store has also arrived and everything has been tidied away, so what more is there to do.

Yesterday the weather was bee weather and they were feeding on my sedum which has now at last showed its flowers. Whilst I am just lazing around enjoying the summer weather the bees are shaming me by being very busy.

My garden is now bursting with activity and flowers and bushes are beginning to go into action.

This afternoon I intend to go into town. Tuesday afternoon seems to have become the day when I escape from my isolation. I have a few groceries to get and will be scootering my way into town. On Sunday No. 2 son and his family will be visiting and I like to plan in advance. We golden oldies like to avoid stress where possible.

And now I should really move on.

My pork sausages and onions are sizzling in the pan and it will soon be time for food. Have a good day everyont.