RDP Saturday: Downsize

I decided to downsize the bread I make to eat with a chilli con carne. We prefer a good bread instead of rice to eat with it. I had enough pizza flour and decided to try baking a foccacia bread. I had never made one before. I altered the recipe a little and left out the rosemary needles on the pastry before baking as I found that would not match with the hot chilli in the meat

Before baking I coated it with olive oil according to the reciple and springled sea salt over it. It is now cooling in the kitchen and I think it is OK. It is very easy to make and I will definitely try the genuine foccacia with the rosemary needles for an evening meal.

Sometimes downsizing has its advantages.

RDP Saturday: Downsize

12 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Downsize

    • Before baking you sprinkle sea salt over it and brush olive oil over it which gives it a good taste. The bread bis to compare with a pizza base. The next day it dries out a little if there is any left, but fresh it is very light and tasty. I made two with 500 Grammies flour, but for a normal meal 250 Grammes flour would be enough for just one bread.


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