FOTD 29th May 2021: Allium

It seems that allium is another name for members of the onion and garlic family. How this one got into my garden I have no idea. It first appeared two years ago and arrived again this year. Apparently they grow when they feel like it. Although I cook with oinion and garlic (some times a little too much garlic perhaps) I do not plant it in the garden. I think this one is a wild garlic. It spent the best part of the month growing on a very very long stalk and yesterday the bud burst open to produce it many flowers. I will keep an eye on it and see how it develops.

FOTD 29th May 2021: Allium

RDP Saturday: Downsize

I decided to downsize the bread I make to eat with a chilli con carne. We prefer a good bread instead of rice to eat with it. I had enough pizza flour and decided to try baking a foccacia bread. I had never made one before. I altered the recipe a little and left out the rosemary needles on the pastry before baking as I found that would not match with the hot chilli in the meat

Before baking I coated it with olive oil according to the reciple and springled sea salt over it. It is now cooling in the kitchen and I think it is OK. It is very easy to make and I will definitely try the genuine foccacia with the rosemary needles for an evening meal.

Sometimes downsizing has its advantages.

RDP Saturday: Downsize

Good Morning

Seeing the clouds above I think the day is getting to a good start. Yesterday we had our first day with a promise of Summer around the corner. We are now approaching the end of May and it is really time to get the short trousers ready and t-shirts for outside without getting wet or shivering. My cupboard is organised and I know where everything is, but just looking at it does not do the job. Even the first little leaves of my basil are now showing. I planted them at the beginning of the month and usually after a week you see the first results. This time they were overtaken by the dill seeds that I planted two weeks later. I was really worried the basil seeds had been rendered unfit to grow due to the cold temperatures, but yesterday I saw the first little green leaves poking through. My patience has been rewarded. It looks like a summer of tomato salads and pizza decorated with basil leaves and cucumber salads with fish dishes accompanied with the flavour of dill. Things are looking better at last.

The neighbour’s cat Röschti also put in an appearance and eventually settled on a chair outside on the porch. I was not very happy as I had just cleaned the cushions on the chairs to remove them of cat fur.

I decided to stay at home yesterday. There were a few items I needed at the store, but Mr. Swiss decided to take an excursion in the morning along the road in his scooter to the local supermarket which is a rare occasion. My excursions are also becoming more rare. It is so comfortable to stay at home. The days of covid isolation are now dwindling and yesterday we had 910 new cases of covid in the country. Distributed amongst a population of about eight million this was quite positive in comparison with past figures. Hopefully things will continue in this direction and living a normal life again will not be so far away.

I had no special chores yesterday and spent the evening with the TV watching an episode of Star Trek, the first in the trilogy of how it all began. I had seen it before, but some films are good to watch again.

Another one of my garden plants has decided to show that it survived the Winter. It is an allium which is a relative of the onion and garlic. They have wonderful flowers. Strange to imagine that our daily vegetables can have such lovely flowers if we would let them grow. This one is by no means the common onion, but more a garden speciality. It arrives regularly every year.

I will now move on as although it is a Saturday a woman’s work is never done. I have just finished giving my orchids their weekly soak and fertiliser and will now progress to the bathroom and shower. Afterwards a daily tour with the vacuum cleaner and mop and then to the dinner preparations, although no stress. My days of sitting in a chair and knitting are no longer here, after all that is for the professional golden oldie. I am still an amateur.

I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world so enjoy the week-end.