RDP Friday: Opening

Opening a coconut is not an easy task. You have to be prepared as coconuts probably do not grow with the intention of being opened. However I was prepared. The shadowy out of focus instrument I have in my hand is a hammer. I had already applied the two screwdrivers you can see in the background to obtain the liquid inside. It was a successful operation, but not easy. Perhaps I should have applied a gun and fired a bullet at it.

RDP Friday: Opening

Good Morning

It certainly is a wonderful morning: clear blue skies and trails of passing planes which are now dissolving. It could not be better after the month of rain we have had and cold temperatures. It is even getting warmer and according to the weather forecast it will stay that way for the next week at least. I can really now get prepared for the summer. I noticed my supply of short trousers has dwindled, but I have four in perfectly good condition. I just have to renew the elastic in the waist. For homewear I do not have to resemble Cindy Crawford, no-one really sees me except for the neighbours and their home dress is no no competition.

So what am I going to do today in this wonderful weather? Not very much, but I will escape in the afternoon for an hour to the nearby supermarket for a few bits and pieces. Most of my week-end food supply will be delivered this morning. Although Mr. Swiss has now stopped hugging the bed and tells me he will go shopping quickly in the local store so he will bring me what I need and there will be no need to go anywhere. I think I am getting lazy in my golden oldie days.

My orchids can at last enjoy the warmer weather outside. I got them about a month ago and they are still looking good. Even more buds have opened in the meanwhile.

I had a spectacular visitor in the garden yesterday and he was big, but very fast. I had my camera ready and he disappeared between the stones of my raised flower beds. All I managed to capture on camera were three and a half legs. It seems that my stone construction is becoming a hotel for the larger varieties. As long as he stays where he is there will be no problem. He was about the size of my hand so I do not really want him to become my friend.

It seems they are making progress with the vaccinations of covid in our Kanton and after July they are closing the vaccination centre in town and the work will be done at your local doctor. My No. 1 son is on the list, but I checked yesterday to make sure. They told me he is registered and will probably be jabbed in June some time. Now I feel more reassured that everything is working out. My other son and his wife who live in another part of Switzerland have already been

vaccinated. I was quite surprised yesterday when I asked No. 1 son if the restaurants inside were still no open to the public. He said they were still closed and you can only visit if you sit outside. He also told me they have to registered and enter their name and address when they sit outside and order a drink on an iPad. I did not know this and find it not to bad. If anyone does get the dreaded they can find quite quickly any contacts they might have had in the outside restaurant.

And I will now move on, although it will be a relaxed morning with no great tasks to complete. Have a good Friday and enjoy.