Good Morning

A bit of a misty morning surrounding the Jura moutains at the back of my home, but it will pass, although I hope not replaced by another wet rainy day. The rain stayed away yesterday, although I was not going anywhere. I am not going anywhere today either. My day began with enough stress, removing the linen from the beds, at least my bed. Mr. Swiss is still hugging his, but no rush. I can do the rest later. I just have to make sure that it is all done until after lunch when I have my midday snooze.

I was not entirely doing nothing yesterday and baked one of my breads. Thanks to my kitchen machine and practice I have now got the trick of doing it and it is really no hard work. I will be embarking on a new journey with my yeast baking on Saturday. We will be having chilli con carne in the evening and like to eat it with nice fresh bread. Some prefer rice, but I have enough beans and starch in the chilli and find that not so good. I discovered my supply of semi white flour would not be enough to cover a bread of Monday, but no problem. I have enough pizza flour and will attempt for the first time a foccacia – a flat white Italian bread. With a sprinkling of sea salt and spice I am sure it will suit the dish. It is not a complicated bread and does not take so long to make. The Italians like to include rosemary needles on the bread of which I have enough in my herb bed, but it would not go with the chilli.

We had a wonderful sunset yesterday evening. I notice a reddish light through the blinds and decided this must be one of my Pulitzer Prize photos. Mr. Swiss had already lowered the blind in the kitchen, so I had to raise it again to take the photo, but it was worth it. I just lover that single white cloud hovering above, as if waiting for the sun to go so that it could be the start of the evening sky.

At last my dill seeds are showing themselves. It took more than a week, but they are growing. I so like dill in my cucumber salad sauce. I was buying it fresh from the supermarket, but decided growing my own would be more and fresher. Dill grows quite well once it starts. The plants are quite tall and the leaves very tasty. It also goes well with fish dishes. I sewed some basil at the same time, but it has been too cold for it to show the first leaves up to now. I have now covered it. The seeds are still there as they turn a bluish colour when they think about germinating, so I will be a little more patient. Basil is a more sensitive plant than the other herbs and likes the warmer weather.

I am now on the finishing stages of making order in the clothing cupboards. The result is the discovery of some new home t-shirts for me inherited from Mr. Swiss that he did not even know he had. Unfortunately he was a fan of white t-shirts and I have now found at least ten of them which are far too big for him. They are now in my cupboard, having been being washed and ironed, but I am not such a fan of white, as they usually do not stay white after a days wear.

And now to continued with a little bit of housewife work, including finishing the bed making session. Have a good day everyone, the week-end is just around the corner for the non golden oldies. We seem to have them daily.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We are also growing dill. We have tiny little seedlings, but so far, nothing to improve a salad. We have gone into full drought — again. We did get some thunderstorms last night, but they didn’t last long enough to really water the ground. It would appear that ALL of North America is having a drought — some places worse than others. Even with the floods — essentially, there are no “normal” rains. Everything is either a super-soaker event, or it’s sunny skies and a LOT of sunshine every day. the leaves are out. Yesterday it was close to 100 degrees (37.8) with humidify at about 300%. It was like breathing hot soup. But the late thunder storms helped.

    Your bread looks very properly crunchy. It’s getting too warm inside to do much baking or really, anything that needs the over. All is reasonably well. No one (of us) is sick, we’re vaccinated and very very slowly, life is oozing back to something like normal.

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    • We have had a real monsoon season throughout May and I can only hope that June will be warmer. It has been the same all over Europe.
      My dill is growing well, but my basil is not, I haven’t given up yet. I think it has been too cold, but is now warming up a bit


  2. Good evening .. we also have two dill plants this year after a few years of having none … we used to have one that came back year after year and would grow to a height of almost two meters !!! … we had terrible storms last night and have just gotten our electricity and thus our internet connection .. restored … so I am a bit late to the party on this post. Have a great day of whatever is left … SLP …

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