RDP Wednesday: Breakfast

I have breakfast with a few thousand people daily, although I do not see them, but they see me through the computer. Breakfast would not be the same without WordPress at the side. Of course my main interest is preparing something to eat to begin the day: bread, butter and jam is enough to cover my needs and a cup of tea to wash it down (without milk or sugar). I also have my Vitamin D drops to take in the last drops of tea. I take my tablet for my diabetes before I begin to eat. Note the camera is on the table ready for a photo from the outside world and my iPad.

And of course the computer is on the table. That is when I write my Good Morning greetings to the WordPress followers that might or might be waiting for it. I took this picture on 14th May 2020, so things do not change. Only on Tuesday I take the day off as my routine is not the same. The cleaning lady is here and I have other things to do.

RDP Wednesday: Breakfast

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