Good Morning

i was shining by absence yesterday, but Tuesday is always difficult to have time for the computer in the morning.I have the cleaning lady here and have less time early in the morning for composition. Tuesday afternoon I like to get into town when possible. I compose an online order for the supermarket and see what the have in special offers before I complete the order. Luckily the weather was more or less OK with no rain, but it was very windy although the sun was out. We have really been having a bad Spring this year and I do not remember it being so wet and windy for years. Today is not very much different. If it was not for the wind it could be quite warm in the sun.

The fountains were playing in the park around the loal museum. This is quite an original. If you look closely you see that the water is spouting out of a boot suspended at the top. Eventually I parked my scooter next to one of the stores and unsaddled my walker, entering the store. I had to refill on my cooking wine. I like to have two large liter bottles of white and red in my storage in the cellar for cooking purposes and I had now used one each of them. It is not excellent connoisseur wine, but medium qualit. I suppose it is drinkable but I like to add it to meat dishes when cooking. Afterwards I moved on to the next supermarket where I get the groceries, although I did not have to get a lot. I was missing on basil leaves for my tomato salad in the evening and a few frozen items which I cannot have delivered.

I noticed that the wild life is awakening in the garden and captured this spider with the telephone camera taking a walk across the roof of the insect hotel. They are not dangerous spiders and mainly stay outside although now and again one might wander inside, but they usually leave again with some friendly persuasion from me.

I am still organising my life indoors. It is really amazing what you collect and do not need. I have a complete closet of clothes in the cellar which I have not even looked at for a few years, but some are really in too good a condition to just throw away. My cleaning lady to the rescue. She lives in one of the larger villages and they have containers for clothing. She volunteered to take my unwanted garments and deposit them there for me. I can pack them in plastic bags and she would take them with her now and again. With time I will be rid of it all and I am glad. She is a great help and very practical. Her book will be published in Autumn about her life story and I am looking forward to reading it. I also have four unwanted chairs in the cellar which are waiting for our special general collection of bulky goods in Autumn. If you put them outside they will be collected, although often you see private people touring around with trucks collecting the deposited goods themselves which they can perhaps use.

And now time to move one. I have nothing special happening today. Will probably bake a bread at some time and find something to organise somewhere. Life is boring when you have nothing to do. Take care everyone, and let us hope that some more covid virus are slowly disappearing.

I leave you with some blue skies hovering over our Jura mountains and hope that it stays and eventually the clouds disappear.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … wonderful photos … the world of nature is really opening up around you for this late Spring .. .soon it will be summer … it is already summer here … apparently .. .our region is notable for not having much of a spring .. it goes from winter … to summer … just like that … have a great day .. SLP …

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    • Our Spring has become a small extension of the monsoon. I have never seen so much rain arriving almost daily and there is a cold wind blowing. It can only get better.


  2. It’s funny that some people place unwanted furniture on the street and it will sit there for a few days. But then they add a sign that says “Free” and someone (not the trash truck) drives by and picks it up. I kind of like that reusing an item instead of just tossing it in the trash.

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    • We have a guy in the neighbourhood who is always putting stuff outside free. Sometimes children’s books or perhaps a piece of furniture. I also think it is a good idea, but we just have our twice a year rubbish collection where you can throw everything out and if you are quick enough to can pick stuff up on the street.

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