Good Morning

Looks quite promising outdoors this morning, but looks can be deceptive. I read that we will be getting snow in the higher levels, so I am glad we live in the lower places. It is really not warm for end of May. We even got a few seconds of hail again yesterday, but it was a freak storm I am glad to say. I must say I have never known such an unpleasant Spring. Yesterday was quite pleasant. but I stayed at home and felt no longing to go places. Today is a holiday in Switzerland and many other European countries for Whit Monday, although being a golden oldie every day is a holiday.

Today will be a bread baking day. I now have a routine of baking bread on Monday and Thursday definitely and sometimes might fit another one in on Wednesday according to needs. I rarely have to knead the bread dough for very long as the machine does most of it for me and the pastry is quite good. I am now thinking of extending my knowledge to make a focaccia, the Italian flat bread garnished with rosemary needles usually. It would be a good accompaniment to the cold cuts in the evening. I just like to keep myself busy.

I no longer get and bird visitors during the day due to absence of food on my side, but my feline friend, Roschti, still arrives daily a few times: again only for the food although he now tends to combine it with a sleep on my chairs on the porch. I do not mind, but I wish he would clear his cat hairs away afterwards.

Otherwise nothing new at my end. I have now tidied almost everything in the apartment and organised the clothing cupboards. The result is that I now have about 8 new t-shirts due to those that I found in the cupboards of Mr. Swiss that are now far too big for him, but fit me perfectly. I also found a couple for No. 1 son. I even found the woolly hats I knitted, three of them, for the colder days that I had missed for some time. I should now move down to the hobby room where I have a cupboard full of clothes I no longer wear and do not need. You really can collect rubbish throughout life and I now realise that there is no need to keep it. At my age I will no longer be needing it.

And now to go to other places. I wish you a good day and a good week ahead. I leave you with a photo of our local mountain from the garden in yesterday’s sunny weather.