RDP Sunday: Gumption

Today I needed gumption but no problem. I do my washing in the evening as the electricity costs are half and you can save a lot of money. My machine is in the cellar in my laundry room. I switch it on at 9.00 pm and it runs usually for 1-2 hours. It is not problem as I can hang the wash quickly in the apartment and leave it through the night to dry. The next morning it is dry. That is the back history of my evening life. However, yesterday when I went to the cellar to get the washing there was a puddle on the floor in front of the machine. This is not a good omen. The machine is almost 10 years old, and I have never had trouble with it, but there is always a first time for everything. I had visions of organising the repair man, but tomorrow is a religious holiday, so nobody would bother for a day.

Today is Sunday and I decided to persevere and as an exception run my wash this afternoon which was programmed for the evening. If I have a problem than rather discover the problem during the day and not at night. First of all I opened the filter (at the bottom in the middle) to see if there was a blockage. Mr. Swiss came with me as I am accident prone when bending to solve a problem. He had to get a tool to turn the filter and I had a bowl reader to catch the water from the machine. I did find a strange object in the filter, but otherwise no blockage. I started the machine. The programme is the long programme of 1 hour 20 minutes. I set my timer and entered the laundry room wondering what I would find when the machine was at the last rotations.

Everything was perfect, a dry floor and no water. Due to my methodic thinking process I am now relieved. One thing I could not use was the organisation of a repair or new machine. I so like a quiet smooth life.

RDP Sunday: Gumption

Good Morning

What an exception, blue skies, although a few clouds drifting around. I hear the rain pattering during the night but this morning it had left us with a little bit of sun. The weather seems to be getting a little more friendly. I decided to hug the bed a little longer this morning. Yesterday was the Eurovision song contest. The European countries, plus Australia, had their final singing contest to find the best song. I used to watch it with interest when I was still living in England, but over the years no longer. It was cancelled last year because of Covid, but this year returned again with all the usual countries. It began already last week with the preliminaries when the least liked songs were already eliminated, and we were left with 26 contestants. I had been watching it now and again during the week. For want of anything better I decided to follow it yesterday. I must admit I quite enjoyed it.

As I went to bed before the voting finished I only discovered who won this morning. It was Italy, the only “hard rock” song in the contest. I must admit I quite liked it myself. That is something the Italians can do quite well. The Swiss song came third and for a change it was a good one. We never got anywhere over the last years. Second was France with one of their dramatic French chansons. I must admit I quite enjoyed it all. I do not know if my colleagues over the pond know of this annual European competition. Voting used to be done by selected panels from the various countries competing, but now it seems to be entirely organised by phone-ins for from the various countries. You are not allowed to vote for your own country.

And now back to the normality of daily life. As I am writing the weather has abruptly changed and we had a short hail storm. I thought we were suppose to be having a climate change, with warmer weather. Nothing like it, but strange weather. Who needs Stephen King films when it happens virtually.

I will be at home today. I got a late start to the day. My washing machine decided to act abnormal yesterday and I had a small puddle of water on the floor in front of the machine after the programme was finished. I have had the machine many years, at least 10, and it is probably time to think about a new one. I will call the guy tomorrow and he can have a look at it.

Have a good Sunday, may it be a relaxing one.