Good Morning

Unbelievable, but the sun has risen and shining down on us. After another day of rain, and partly night, it has succeeded in arriving again. We do have the last weeks of May and it is really time to have some decent weather. It is still a bit on the colder side but can only get better. I can only say thank goodness for online grocery deliveries. I would have had no chance of going into town without getting completely soaked otherwise. It is not so easy to just wear and raincoat and carry an umbrella for protection when you have to rely on a scooter. I have a protective rain coat but do not like to wear it. It is something like you would wear on a bike. This morning (in bed) I finished my shopping list. I have to be a little earlier this week as Monday is again one of those days when everything is closed. I used to enjoy the free days when I was a working woman, but now just find them an annoyance. If I give up my order today I will get a nice delivery slot for Tuesday.

I was not so much on the computer yesterday as I had a few things to deal with otherwise. I had an ironing session and was feeling quite tired actually. I do not know why, I think it is called fatigue, just one of those off days where I get quickly exhausted. I also got a delivery from the supermarket and had to sort it. Now we are set for the week-end food and I am already planning next week.

Otherwise I had a TV evening. On Friday one of my favourite programmes is always showing. It is called “Gardeners World”. Not that I have a fantastic large garden, but I like to see what others are growing and how to do it.

I like to have a few ornaments in the garden and this owl is keeping an eye on one of my flower beds.

My basil and dill seeds have still not germinated, but I think the temperatures have not been warm enough. It just needs more warmth. I am now off for the week-end adventure, with some cooking and organising. I also have a few sewing jobs I should organise.I should really replace the elastic bands in my shorts. Perhaps we might be getting sort trouser weather suddenly and I would have nothing to wear. I hope to be able to have more time for my computer today. I would like to take more photos, but at the moment there is nothing new to photograph.

Have a good week-end and may the rain stay away.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos .. I like the one of the heron … I have been thinking of getting pink flamingoes … dunno .. we will have to see … take care and have a great weekend … SLP ….

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      • Pink flamingos, especially the cheap plastic sort, are something that landscape designers might put out in their garden to be silly. They were a fad many decades ago, when so many people lived in suburban areas around the big cities here, but never completely went away. There was one in my garage in town for many years. It came out to the garden only when Brent (the famous landscape designer from Southern California) came over. I knew what he thought of my bland and utilitarian landscape, so I put the flamingo out there just to make it more annoying. He just ignored it.


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