Good Morning

It is not raining which is a wonder. Yesterday the rain even stopped in the morning and we had a sunny day, although I did not go anywhere. I was too busy at home baking a bread and I finally finished making order in my cupboards. I even did some organising in my garden cupboard which has been necessary for some time. During the winter I usually have a lodger in the cupboard in the shape of a local field mouse. He has even found a path from our cupboard to the neighbour’s cupboard. Almost a self contained apartment. I noticed I really had a mess of fertiliser pellets and when I examined closer, the mouse had bitten through the plastic bags spilling the contents. There was half a bag of grass seeds with the same problem and I found a lot of empty pistachio nut shells. I have no idea where they came from as we do not eat them so much. Perhaps he dragged them over from the neighbour’s cupboard. That mouse must have had a party in that cupboard. I did not really intent to do anything in the cupboard but one thing lead to the other and I eventually removed all the remainders. There is more to do, but the main problem has now been removed. There was no trace of the mouse so I suppose he has travelled further, I hope.

As soon as the sun appears and gives up some warmth the bees go again into action. They are again occupying their hotel and the rooms are now filling up. I hope the new inhabitants feel at home when they arrive.

Our other regular visitor also arrived and made himself comfortable on the chair on the porch, keeping his head in the shade to shield himself from the direct sunlight. Of course it was a relaxing sleep after a small meal from cat treats supplied by me.

The day before yesterday we had quite a hail storm with thunder and lightening and all the trimmings. It rained quite strongly and I heard that the farmer in one of the nearby villages had lost almost the complete strawberry harvest. He has a few fields and when the strawberries are ready he opens them to the public and they can pick their own. They pay the farmer for the strawberries they pick and they are very tasty. I used to grow them myself some years ago and always got good results. We now have some wild strawberry plants growing along the path to our estate, but on the edge of the path and probably not very pleasant to eat after being sprayed by wandering animals.

Today is Friday, the weeks go so quickly. I am expecting a delivery of my weekend food from the supermarket. In the meanwhile I see that it has again begun to rain. Have a good week-end everyone, enjoy. I have no plans and will probably be relaxing at home.