RDP Thursday: Antimacassar

This is a very young me in 1984 which is more than 30 years ago. My two sons are also in the picture. The one on the right even now has a family of his own, but look what the British Airways had in their aeroplane. Yes, they had an antimacassar on every seat. To be quite honest I have never heard of the word and I do not have any at home. I remember my mum and her sisters all had them on the armchairs and settee. I do not think they were there to protect anything as far as they were concerned, they were just something everyone had.

RDP Thursday: Antimacassar

11 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Antimacassar

  1. Oil of Macassar was used as a hair dressing for men in the 19th and early 20th century. the original wet look for men. It ruined anything that it got on – so antimacassars were invented. The ones I was familiar with were lacy decorative little things.

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