RDP Thursday: Antimacassar

This is a very young me in 1984 which is more than 30 years ago. My two sons are also in the picture. The one on the right even now has a family of his own, but look what the British Airways had in their aeroplane. Yes, they had an antimacassar on every seat. To be quite honest I have never heard of the word and I do not have any at home. I remember my mum and her sisters all had them on the armchairs and settee. I do not think they were there to protect anything as far as they were concerned, they were just something everyone had.

RDP Thursday: Antimacassar

Good Morning

Every morning looks the same it seems. Hanging grey clouds promising another fresh day of rain. Yesterday we had a rousing performance in the afternoon. There was a crash of thunder in the distance and it crept closer during the afternoon. It was something like the overture to William Tell.

You get what I mean. It got louder and louder until there was a resounding crack somewhere where perhaps lightening stuck. . Of course it was accompanied by hailstones. I was glad that my apple trees had already lost their flowers some time ago and the baby apples were now growing. It is still raining. Perhaps it will stop one day. Mr. Swiss found he is not going anywhere in this weather, but he actually does not go anywhere in any weather. My cupboards are full so I do not need to go anywhere.

And then I saw a movement outside and felt as if I was being watched.

He got nearer, It was the neighbours feline Roschti checking on my movements.

He got nearer. I had already fed him some cat treats, but he seemed to want more. How an you resist him?

He came a little closer and I opened the window to give him some shelter from the rain and noise of the the thunder. The neighbour he owns is away during the day at work. Roschti entered and sat a while inside until the storm blew through and afterwards made himself comfortable on a chair outside.

I also put some peanuts outside in case there was a hungry bird somewhere. The magpie arrived and snapped up a peanut. He is so quick I have to grab the camera immediately to catch him in the act. I now only have three peanuts left as the store does not stock them during the summer, so the magpie will have the make the most of it.

Otherwise it was a day of relaxation and pottering around. I was a little mixed up yesterday. I had thawed out the meat for my spaghetti lunch yesterday and then realised that Thursday was actually my spaghetti day and I had something else for Wednesday. As I could not refreeze the meat I had to cook it and changed the menu plan, so yesterday became today’s food. Not really a problem, but proof that I am not as concentrated as I used to be. Anyhow everyone was happy with yesterday’s spaghetti. Hope they will be happy with todays Pork Bratwurst with an onion sauce, baked tomatoes and Swiss Röschti (fried potatoes).

Today will be another day of some organising. I am really progressing and discovered a whole new at home wardrobe of unisex t-shirts that are now 2-3 sizes too large for Mr. Swiss. I have organised his cupboards and now have to organise mine. It is the paper collection day today and No. 1 son was busy tying bundles of newspapers and magazines yesterday. It is combined with the cardboard collection. I had a large collection of boxes from my new vacuum cleaner to dispose of. All is now at the side of the road together with the items from other neighbours waiting for the truck to remove it all. It is probably now a bit soggy from the deluge we had yesterday. We have the local newspaper delivered daily, and pay for it twice a year, but it is not cheap and we have decided to cancel the subscription. I can read what I need online on the computer and to be quite honest, the only part that interests me are the obituaries. Unfortunately there are more familiar names appearing daily as the age differences are getting closer to ours.

I will now move on to other chores and wish all a good day.