Good Moning

No rain this morning, although there were a few drops during the night. Just imagine, yesterday the sun was shining, it got a little warmer and above all it did not rain. I naturally escaped whilst the going was good. How great to be able to go places again and see things.

As I approached town I notice how everything was growing green and quite thick. This is a view towards the town walls with one of the towers. On the left there are some houses. I find it must be interesting to live in such a place. I made my way on and enjoyed every inch of the journey. How good to get out again. I had a few things to get in town, but not very much. Mr. Swiss needed his weekly ration of cigarettes and the local store had a few special offers on frozen goods. When you sit at home is isolation for the best part of a week, you really enjoy the shopping experience. Online orders are fine, but choosing the goods from real life and not just from a description or photo on a computer is something completely different and almost exciting. Yes, little things please little minds – whilst bigger fools watch on – in sympathy.

There were not many people in town, probably choosing their goods from the computer. We are still restricted in entering the stores, but outside is no no problem. What I do notice is that there are now a lot of people taking their dogs for walks through the streets.

Our street cafés are quite popular and people were enjoying the sunny day. You no longer see so many masks outside. Many are now vaccinated and covid amounts amongst the Swiss population are getting less, although there are still about a thousand a day.

I had a day away from my blogging efforts yesterday. My cleaning lady was here in the morning so I had less time to write anything. It is always good when she goes and I am left with a wonderful clean bathroom and shower, as well as kitchen. We are really lucky with Lucia. She is now becoming a writer, with some help from the publisher, and her life story will be published and she had quite a life – more details later. There will be a launching event to which Mr. Swiss and I are invited, with drinks and food. Over the years she has become a friend of the family, as will as seeing to my cleaning chores. I decided to leave it altogether and just spent some time uploading my photos. I also finished my book and am now thinking about the next book. I will have a look at the best seller lists to see if I can find anything.

Today is a day when I do not have to do anything special. I will leave bread baking for tomorrow as I have enough. I just want to send of my online order for Friday delivery. Next Monday is again one of those religious holidays, this time it will be Whit Monday, but no great problem as I always get enough food for the week-end plus Monday. Actually I realised I have almost everything I need, I am becoming the perfect housewife. My problem is just to make sure I get my delivery slot for Tuesday as Monday there are no deliveries and perhaps a small panic breaks out under the shoppers. What an exciting life I lead.

And now to move on. I have spaghett to cook with a sauce. I am in a tidying mood at the moment. When you realise that your other half has more clothes (t-shirts and pullovers) that no longer fit being too big you find that the unisex items can be very useful when he no longer needs them and some are almost new. My home t-shirts were really full of reminders of cooking which no longer could be removed in the wash. I now have new t-shirts and make sure I wear an apron when cooking to keep them respectable.

Enjoy the day, make the most of it. I leave you with a view over the Jura mountains just behind my appartment across the main road.