Good Morning

The picture says it all from this morning. Rain clouds everywhere. If this continues I will get webbed feet. The grass is growing high in the wild meadow having a race with the daisies to see who gets higher. I am on a late starter this morning. I placed an online order yesterday for delivery on Tuesday with my supermarket. I got the confirmation with registered number by e-mail as usual. When I went to the online site on the computer I had no open orders, only a list of those that had been delivered and that made me uneasy, having a vision of no delivery of my weekly food. At the moment it is really too wet to go anywhere. I had a suspicion, and sent a message to the web site this morning. I got an immediate answer telling me that everything was OK and my order will be delivered as usual on Tuesday morning, They had a computer problem apparently but now it has been resolved. I am really glad and realised how dependent I am on the deliveries. If this order went missing it would be a weeks food supply, although I have a good backup in the freezer.

I only have this photo from the morning rain in the front garden. Everything is wet, wet, wet and it is not very warm. I now have some household chores and not so much time this morning for the computer due to my online shopping problems. I have a bread to bake this morning as well as some housework. I also want to prepare my older vacuum cleaner which works quite well really, and just needs a new charger. My cleaning lady said she would take it. She is the expert and will put it in order to use.

Have a good beginning to the week and let us hope it will dry out at my end.