RDP Sunday: Jocularity

I cannot see the funny side when it rains all day
Where is the Spring weather, you cannot make the hay
Perhaps nature is playing a joke to see how we react
This is not amusing, a serious fact
Outside there is a guy building an ark
He is gathering animals, this isn’t a lark
My bones are rusting, they creak and scrape
I think I will join the ark, I just want to escape

RDP Sunday: Jocularity

Good Morning

Let’s see what we have today. A cloudy sky with a few bright spots, but I am not sure that the sun will find its way. At least it is not reaining for a change, although the garden is damp everywhere. Of course the plants are growing taller and thicker and there is an explosion of green outside. I will probably eventually need a machete to cut my way though eventually. I am surprised that the slugs have not been sighted yet, perhaps it is too cool or they do not know where to start. I have a full box of slug pellets ready to throw over the garden. I noticed ant movement yesterday and will have to buy one of the cheaper two liter bottles of mineral water, the fizzy kind, to move them away. I have found that the best solution up to now. Apparently this type of water removes the oxygen from the queen in the nest and they move on to the happy hunting grounds. It is very efficient and works well.

In the meanwhile my herb bed is thriving well and this pot of parsley is growing nicely. I like to sprinkle it over cooked veg, mainly cauliflower and it is also good in salad sauce.

The chives are also doing well. They would actually be full of their wonderful pastel mauve flowers but I cut them off as soon as they appear to keep the plant producing its nicely flavoured shoots. Another one for the salad sauce. It is really an advantage in Spring and Summer when you can just go and cut the herbs you need for cooking.

This one might be a bit lesser known. It is savouriy and the best for cooking together with green beans. It really enhances their flavour. The German name for it is “Bohnenkraut” translated in english as bean herb.

And let us not forget the sage, useful in many dishes with meat. Another one growing well in this damp Spring that we have.

Yesterday I stayed at home and baked my pizza in the evening from beginning to end. I made the pizza pastry which turned out quite well and afterwards spread it with the cooked tomato mixture. I cooked a little too much the last time, so already had a frozen portion.

I made a large square pizza and have two pieces remaining which are sitting in the fridge and will do for this evening. Sunday evening food is always the remains of the week-end. My next task will be making my own pasta, although that is still in the planning stages. Otherwise I spent some time organising a cupboard in the bed room. It is amazing what you find in the cupboard. Mr. Swiss has lost so much weight over the past year (a golden oldie symptom) and I now have two nice t-shirts which are almost new and too big for him and a few white t-shirts. I can always use t-shirts, mainly at home, as I tend to get everything covered in food remains when cooking. I have two good aprons and should use them more for protection.

And now to move on, I have a couple of projects for today, but nothing exhausting. Have a good Sunday everyone and enjoy. I leave you with my rosemary bonsai. It seems to be a special plant and is really growing like a small tree with branches packed with rosemary needles and even produces flowers every year.